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Active Thermal Management 00-120-01 Cool-Cube E with 6-Feet of 3-Inch Tubing

This model is no longer available.
  • This model is no longer available.
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The Active Thermal 00-120-04 Cool-cube E (replacing the original Cool-cube) was developed for the home theater design and installation community. Combining a compact power module with either 2-inch, 3-inch or 4-inch flexible tubing, Cool-cube E will pull heated air out of a closed mid-size cabinet, small closet, or enclosed video projector, holding a typical home theater system and quietly move it to a nearby closet, utility room, crawl space, etc. The power module measures 6" x 6" x 10" and is powerful enough to move a useful amount of air through tubing thin enough to snake through all but the most crowded cabinets. 

The Cool-cube E features a new control system, activated by a remote temperature-sensing probe, with field-adjustable temperature set-points and speeds. In normal operation, the fans should run at low speed only; operation for significant periods at high speed may indicate that the Cool-cube is either underpowered for the amount of heat to be removed, or cannot breathe freely due to an intake opening that is too small. The noise level generated even at high speed is low (when used with the insulated 4" tubing) in keeping with the Active Thermal policy of not 'trading a heat problem for a noise problem.

Cool-cube's power module is typically placed at the exhaust end of the tubing. A compact hot air collector, or flange, is provided at the suction end of the tubing, and is easily connected to a flat surface, such as the back of a cabinet

What's included in the box
  • 1x - Cool-cube E Motor/Fan Unit
  • 1x - Hot Air Collector 
  • 1x - 8-Foot Length of 4-inch Tubing (No Adapter Needed with 4" tubing)
  • 1x - Thermal Probe
  • 1x - Power Supply

  • Move heated air from an enclosure to a point up to 8 feet away (8 foot of 4" flexible tube included)
  • Powered by a group of five high-quality 120mm axial-flow fans
  • Remote temperature probe activates fans, slow speed at 90° and high speed at 100° F (adjustable)
  • Ventilates small closets or racks housing home theater equipment and enclosed video projectors


  • Manufacturer Product No. : 00-120-04
  • UPC : 893536001111
  • Fans : 5/120mm
  • Airflow (Free Air, Lo/Hi Speed) : 35/70 CFM (8' of 4" tubing)
  • Noise Level : Varies -- 18-30 dBA with speed, tube size and length
  • Power Consumption : 14/22 watts (Lo/Hi)
  • Control : Thermal control; Lo @ 90° F (adj.), Hi @ 100° F
  • Dimensions (Motor Unit) : 6.5" W x 8" H x 10" L (165mm x 203mm x 254 mm)

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