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Crestron AES

Adagio Entertainment System

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The Adagio Entertainment System (AES) from Crestron delivers a complete, cost-effective solution for high-performance multi-room audio distribution. Right out of the box, the AES provides sophisticated audio signal routing, processing, and amplification for up to 6 rooms, with extensive expansion capabilities and room control options. Its built-in Crestron control system enables enhanced control and integration capability for AV and home automation.

What's included in the box

  • Adagio integrated multiroom audio system
  • Audio distribution for 6 rooms, expandable up to 24
  • Choice of keypad, LCD, touch screen, and wireless room controllers
  • e-Control remote access via computer and mobile devices
  • Built-in modular multi-tuner allows up to 6 independent radio tuners
  • Up to 6 AM/FM radio tuners with RDS/RBDS
  • Up to 3 XM satellite radio tuners
  • Up to 3 Internet radio tuners
  • Plug-and-play media player support using Crestron iServer, Interface for Apple iPod, and ADMS
  • Integrated control of AV source devices
  • Flexible setup via front panel or software
  • Scalable and programmable for enhanced integration with lighting, climate control, security, and more


Operating System :Real-time, preemptive multi-threaded/multitasking kernel; FAT32 file system with long names; SIMPL Windows, SIMPL+, and SystemBuilder programmable

  • Flash :8 MB
  • SDRAM :32 MB
  • NVRAM :256 KB
  • Ethernet :10/100 Mbps; auto-switching; auto-negotiating; auto-discovery; full/half duplex; TCP/IP; UDP/IP; CIP; SSL; SNMP; built-in Web server and SMTP e-mail client; supports Crestron Mobile, e-Control 2 XPanel, Fusion RV and RoomView applications
  • Cresnet :Cresnet master mode
  • USB :Supports computer console via front panel USB 1.1 device port
  • RS-232 Supports 2-way device control and monitoring up to 115.2k baud with hardware and software handshaking; supports computer console via rear panel COMPUTER port
  • IR/Serial :Supports 1-way device control via infrared up to 1.2 MHz or serial TTL/RS-232 (0-5 Volts) up to 115.2k baud; supports CNXRMIRD IR Receiver
  • Typical of 6 Room Outputs:
  • Controls :Volume, Balance, Bass, Treble, Loudness, Mute, Mono, Input Compensation
  • Volume Gain Range : -80dB to +20dB, 1 dB steps
  • Mute : -100dB (electronic), -120dB (relay)
  • Input Compensation : ±10dB
  • Bass Gain Range : ±12dB @ 100Hz, 2 dB steps
  • Treble Gain Range : ±12dB @ 10kHz, 2 dB steps
  • Frequency Response : 20Hz to 20kHz ±0.2dB (preamp), 20Hz to 20kHz ±0.75dB (power amp)
  • S/N Ratio :>100dB (preamp), 100dB (power amp) 20Hz to 20kHz A-weighted
  • THD+N :<0.05% (preamp), 0.05% (power amp) 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Stereo Separation :>80dB (preamp), >75dB (power amp)
Output Power
  • 45 Watts per channel at 8 Ohms;
  • 60 Watts per channel at 4 Ohms
LCD Display :Green LCD dot matrix, 128 x 64 resolution, adjustable LED backlight

Controls and Indicators
  • STANDBY :Pushbutton with green LED, places audio in standby
  • MUTE :Pushbutton with red LED, mutes audio in selected room or group
  • MODE/MENU :(8) Pushbuttons, select mode or menu item for adjustment: SOURCE, ROOM, HOUSE, MENU, BKLT, SCHED, DISPLAY, MORE (refer to manual)
  • SOFTKEYS :(4) LCD display-driven pushbuttons, select/activate various functions
  • ROOM :(6) Pushbuttons with green LEDs and backlit labeling strip, select room(s) to adjust
  • PRESET GROUP :(6) Pushbuttons with green LEDs and backlit labeling strip, select group(s) to adjust
  • SELECT :Continuous turn rotary encoder with adjoining "ENTER" pushbutton with green LED, for selecting rooms, sources, and radio stations
  • VOLUME :Continuous turn rotary encoder, adjusts volume of selected room or group
  • H :Hardware reset button, recessed, reboots the control system
  • S :Software reset button, recessed, restarts the SIMPL program
Connectors – Audio
SLOT 1 – 3
  • (3) Adagio tuner card slots; accept choice of ATC-series tuner cards;
  • Outputs from the tuner cards parallel to input and loop-thru jacks for SOURCES 1 – 6
SOURCES 1 – 10
  • (40) RCA female providing (10) unbalanced stereo line-level audio inputs with parallel loop-thrus; connect to outputs of sources, with loop-thru to AAE; Inputs 1 through 6 parallel with outputs from tuner card slots;
  • Maximum Input: 3.2 Vrms (flat);
  • Input Impedance: 47k ohms
  • (12) RCA female providing (6) unbalanced line-level audio outputs; selectable for variable or fixed volume, bass, treble, balance, and loudness;
  • Maximum Output: 2.5 Vrms;
  • Output Impedance: 100 ohms
ROOMS 1 – 6
  • (12) 2-pin 7.62mm detachable terminal blocks, power amplifier outputs;
  • Wire Size: 12 AWG maximum;
  • Output Power (per Channel): 45 Watts at 8 ohms, 60 Watts at 4 ohms
Connectors – Control
NET 1 – 6 (6)
  • 4-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal blocks;
  • Cresnet Master ports, provide data and power for keypads and other Cresnet devices
IR OUT 1 – 8
  • (8) 3.5mm TRS mini-phone jacks, IR/Serial ports;
  • IR output up to 1.2 MHz; 1-way serial TTL/RS-232 (0-5V) up to 9600 baud
  • (1) 3.5 mm TRS mini-phone jack;
  • For connection of the CNXRMIRD IR receiver;
  • Allows IR wireless control from Crestron and third-party remotes using RC-5 IR commands, custom programming required
INPUT 1 – 4
  • (1) 5-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal block; 
  • Comprises (4) digital inputs;
  • Rated for 0-24 Volts DC, referenced to GND;
  • Input Impedance: 2.2k ohms pulled up to 5 Volts DC;
  • Logic Threshold: 2.5 Volts DC nominal
  • (1) 8-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal block;
  • Comprises (4) normally open, isolated relays;
  • Rated 1 Amp, 30 Volts AC/DC;
  • MOV arc suppression across contacts
  • (2) DB9 male, bidirectional RS-232 ports;
  • Up to 115.2k baud, hardware and software handshaking support
COMPUTER :(1) 6-pin RJ11 female, bidirectional RS-232 computer console port

  • (1) 8-wire RJ45 with 2 LED indicators, 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet port;
  • Green LED indicates link status, Yellow LED indicates Ethernet activity
  • (2) 4-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal blocks;
  • Cresnet Master ports, paralleled with NET ports 1 through 6;
  • Normally connect to AAE(s)
USB (front)
  • (1) USB Type B female (behind label strip);
  • USB 1.1 computer console port (cable included)
Connectors – Power
  • FUSE (US/North America)
  • Main fuse, T8AH;
  • (1/4” x 1-1/4”, 250V, 8A, time-lag, high-rupture rated)
  • FUSE (International)
  • Main fuse, T4AH;
  • (5mm x 20mm, 250V, 4A, time-lag, high-rupture rated)
  • 120V~50-60Hz(US/North America)
  • (1) IEC C14 male chassis plug;
  • Mates with removable power cord (included)
  • 230V~50-60Hz (International)
  • (1) IEC C14 male chassis plug;
  • Mates with removable power cord (included)
  • G :6-32 screw, chassis ground lug
Power Requirements
  • Main Power (US/North America) :850 Watts (7 Amps) @ 120 Volts AC, 50-60Hz
  • Main Power (International) :850 Watts (3.5 Amps) @ 230 Volts AC, 50-60Hz
  • Available Cresnet Power :20 Watts (0.83 Amps @ 24 Volts DC)
  • Temperature :41° to 104°F (5° to 40°C)
  • Humidity :10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
  • Heat Dissipation :650 BTU/hr @ 8 ohms, 750 BTU/hr @ 4 ohms; all channels loaded to 1/8 full power
  • Black metal with molded ABS/PC front panel;
  • Freestanding, side ventilation should not be restricted
  • Height :7.3

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