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Crestron CNMSXAV

CNMSX-AV Integrated Control System

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CNMSX-AV is the cost-competitive option in Crestron's new generation of control systems. The CNMSX-AV is fully expandable, a perfect choice for many small to mid-sized control applications.

What's included in the box

  • (8) IR/serial / one-way RS-232 ports
  • (6) bidirectional RS-232/422/485 ports
  • (8) digital/analog input, digital output ports
  • (8) low voltage, isolated relays
  • DPA slot Ethernet-based communication
  • Optional 3-slot card cage for expansion
  • Integrated 110/220-volt power supply
  • Programming ports on both front and rear panels
  • Powerful programming with drag-n-drop software. Program in Crestrons graphical SIMPL language or in "C-like" SIMPL+ procedural programming language, or BOTH. Only Crestron provides the best of both worlds so that any control system programmer is a Crestron pro.


  • NET :(1) 6-wire RJ-type connector and (1) 4-pin male connector; for expansion to Cresnet or SmarTouch peripherals; 50W maximum load depending on expansion slot load
  • Relays :(8) normally open, isolated relays; each relay is rated 1A, 30VAC/DC; MOV arc suppression across contacts for use with "real world" loads
  • Input/Output :(8) programmable input and digital inputs/outputs; digital outputs offer 250mA sync from maximum 24VDC; catch diodes for use with "real world" loads; digital inputs rated for 0-24 VDC, 20K ohms input impedance, logic threshold 1.25VDC; analog inputs rated 0-10VDC, protected to 24VDC maximum, 20K ohms input impedance; programmable 2K ohms pull-up resistor (per pin, software reference to GND or closure to GND)
  • IR/Serial :(8) serial outputs for (IR), RS-232 or serial interface; signal (S) and ground (G) pins; infrared output up to 1.2MHz, serial protocols include RS232 with speeds up to 115,200 baud
  • COM :(6) bi-directional serial ports for RS232, RS-422 or RS-485 communication with hardware and software handshaking; speeds up to 115,200 bps
  • Computer :(2) one per front and rear panel, 9-pin DB9 female connector for programming with a PC; modem compatible; null modem cable not included
Expansion Slots
  • DPA :Direct Processor Access expansion slot for optional local area network (LAN) interface card; (LAN) interface card accepts CNXENET or CNXENET+ card, which require field installation and has (1) 8-wire RJ45 connector for communication access
  • Other (1-3) :Optional (3) open "card cage" slots accept any CNX expansion cards; CNXCAGE 3-Card Cage required
LED Indicators
  • PWR :Indicates power supplied to the unit
  • NET :Indicates activity within the system
  • ERR :Indicates an error message is available from the software feature buttons
  • TXD (Ethernet) :Indicates transmission of ethernet data
  • RXD (Ethernet) :Indicates reception of ethernet data
  • LNK (Ethernet) :Indicates attachment to ethernet network
  • ERRm (Ethernet) :Indicates ethernet protocol error
Reset Buttons
  • HW-R :Permits physical reset of system
  • SW-R :Depress in combination with the HW-R button to perform an overload/reset
Power Requirements :100-250VAC, 2.3A, 50/60Hz, internal universal power supply

  • 8.43" / 21.41cm (D)
CNX Expansion Cards
  • CNXENET+ :Enhanced Ethernet Expansion Card
  • CNXENET :10BaseT Ethernet Expansion Card
  • CNXTA :Telephone Interface Card
  • CNXIO-16 :Analog Input - Digital Input/Output Card
  • CNXAO-8 :Analog Output Card
  • CNXCOM-2 :RS232/422/485 Expansion Card
  • CNXMIDI :MIDI Interface Expansion Card
  • CNXRY-8 :Output Expansion Card
  • CNXRY-16 :Output Expansion Card
  • CNXVTC-3 :Volume Control Expansion Card
  • CNXIR-8 :Infrared and Serial Expansion Card

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