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Denon ASD3N

Ipod Dock Etherent Analog Output

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Denon Ipod/Networking Client Dock - ASD3N

The ASD-3N network client device now allows an iPod to be connected to a home network system via Ethernet connection. MP3 and non-protected AAC Audio files from an iPod can then be streamed for listening over your home network.Additionally, viewing video pictures with video compatible iPods is also possible. The ASD-3N is DNLA certified and is PlaysForSure compliant for ease of setup and use. The standard D-dock port is also supplied for current model receiver integration and is compatible with previous receiver models that have the Denon D-dock port for command and control.he iPod will also stay charged while docked in the ASD-3N keeping it ready to go.A remote is also supplied with the ASD-3N for use with non-Denon systems.

Note:Some features or functions are dependent on the receiver the D-dock is connected to.Not all functions may be available with all combinations of receivers.


What's included in the box

It's All About The Network
What makes the Denon ASD3N different from all the other docks out there? Aside from the Denon quality, there is one defining feature which makes this iPod dock stand out from the others. The ASD3N is equipped with an ethernet connection port, so it can connect to a network or a home computer. Simply connect an ethernet cable from your PC to your ASD3N, and you can view movies or photos, or listen to audio through your home theater set-up. The ASD3N supports playback of MP3 files as well as unencrypted AAC files. Or, if you want to use it for other applications, the ASD3N can connect to virtually any network with its ethernet port. It can even play internet radio with no computer while it is hooked up to a network. so remember as you shop for a place to dock your iPod, it really is all about the network.

But Don't Forget Why It's There!
When thinking of all the networking possibilities with this dock, it's easy to forget what you were originally looking for. The ASD3N is a great way to connect your iPod to your home system. Simply hook everything up using the supplied cords, and you're ready to roll. Let your iPod charge while you view your favorite snapshots or film clips on your theater room's viewing screen, or listen to music through your home speakers. And, with a great Graphical User Interface (GUI) with on-screen displays, and an included remote, you can sort through your media from across the room. So what if they pamper you a little bit?

Will You Be Corrupted?
The ASD3N iPod Dock puts you in a position to use a lot of power with a little effort. The Denon ASD3N lets you connect your iPod to a Denon component with a dock control or to a Denon mini component equipped with a system connector. This connection allows you to control your iPod with your Denon remote controller that came with the Denon component. You can monitor iPod text information, such as menus and track names, on a TV screen, or a front panel display of Denon's component. (This feature only available when connected to Denon products with a dock control.) So, will you be corrupted?


Comparison Specifications

• Connects iPod to Compatible Denon Components
• Playback with "Command and Control" of Your iPod
• Displays iPod Information on Your TV or Other Monito
• Recharges iPod While Docked
• Plays Photos and Videos (Only iPods with Slide Show or Video Playback Capability)
• Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI)
• Connections: Ethernet, Dock Control, Audio Output, S-Video Output, AC Plug
• Supports MP3 Or Unencrypted AAC Photos From Your PC
• PlaysForSure Compliant
• Remote Included

Additional Specifications

• DLNA Certified
• Multi-Language Support
• Capable Of Playing Internet Radio Without PC When Attached To A Network

Dimensional Specifications

• Dimensions: Approximately 4.7" W x 1.7" H x 4.7" D
• Weight: Approximately 1 lb.

Product Wiki

Extended Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty



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