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Ri-1220 Reference Series Balanced Power

$ 1999 95
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With the REFERENCE SERIES exclusive Isolated Symmetrical Power, video monitors, preamps, compact-disc transports, multi-channel processors, DAC's and turntables are fed ultra-low-noise isolated Balanced Power. This provides two benefits: It ensures pure, low-noise power from your home's AC supply, and it balances it so that noise can neither penetrate nor radiate from your components' AC cables. Our Isolated, Symmetrical Balanced Power also features total isolation from the AC supply it feeds. This effectively breaks hum-inducing ground noise between your sensitive audio/ video equipment, numerous home appliances and other electrical equipment without compromising safety. When employing Furman's Reference Series Symmetrical Power Conditioning, you will immediately notice far clearer, stunningly focused sound and visual images from your system. Video presentation will be crisp and colors true. Sonic transients will be startlingly fast with bass fundamentals that shake foundations with their weight and visceral impact. Mid and high frequencies will boom with precise, non-glaring ease and image clarity will improve dramatically, all the while remaining true to your system's inherent virtues.

What's included in the box

  • Isolated Symmetrical AC Power technology greatly reduces line noise
  • All symmetrical (balanced) AC receptacles individually (GFCI) protected to ensure safe operation
  • Four sets of isolated, positive contact “Super Spec” AC receptacles
  • Handles 20 amps continuous power
  • The toroidal transformer produces extremely low magnetic field leakage
  • Ultra-low-noise DC tolerant technology ensures quiet operation regardless of the load
  • Precision circuit breaker/power switch for maximum protection/low contact resistance


Product Wiki

Extended Warranty

Furman has a very generous Limited Warranty term of three years for defects in materials or workmanship on registered units. For units that have not been registered, the Limited Warranty period is twelve months. Furman's warranty covers parts and labor, with the term measured from the date of purchase of the new unit by the original owner. The warranty is not transferable. Extended Warranties are no longer sold, but those that have been purchased in the past will be 
honored as long as the contracted term is in effect. This warranty policy applies only to standard Furman products. RackRider products and Furman "Performance Series" products have a 90 day warranty term.



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