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panasonic TCP58VT25

TC-P58VT25 58 Inch 3D 1080p VIERA Plasma HDTV

This model is no longer available.
  • This model is no longer available.
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The TC-P58VT25 is a 58 inch 3D ready TV that is part of Panasonic's flagship Viera VT25 series of Plasma TVs. This is the second largest Panasonic 3D TV that has currently been announced. The VT25 is an upgrade over the VT10 line of Panasonic TVs from 2009. Along with 3D capabilities, the TC-P58VT25 features numerous technology improvements over the previous generation of Panasonic plasma TVs. With improved picture quality and black levels, 600Hz sub field drive technology for enhanced screen refresh rates and butter smooth 3-D performance, the TC-P58VT25 is an extremely attractive choice for consumers.

What's included in the box

  • Remote Control with Batteries
  • AC cord
  • Operating Instructions
  • Product Registration Card (U.S.A.)
  • 3D Eyewear
  • RS232C Terminal Specifications
  • Pedestal
  • Screwdriver
  • Support Pole
  • 16 x Screws

  • Flat panel Resolution
The TC-P58VT25 features a Neo Plasma Display Panel (Neo PDP) capable of displaying full 1080p content. An important feature of this Plasma TV is its ability to display true 1080p video content since these plasma panels are capable of displaying full 1080 lines of moving resolution. What this essentially means is that the ability of screen elements to refresh at a fast rate on the VT25 Plasma TVs prevents any loss of screen resolution even when displaying fast moving scenes wherein all the screen elements require continuous updating. In direct contrast, LCD display technologies are still limited by their longer hold times and screen refresh rates, as a result of which, even the latest LCD 3D TVs such as Samsung's 9000 Series are only capable of displaying 800-900 lines of moving resolution. While this isn't a huge difference, it is still important to note that the TC-P58VT25 provides full 1080p motion resolution.
  • Color Accuracy
The Panasonic TC-P58VT25 is a THX certified 3D TV just like all other models in the VT25 series. The THX certification implies that these Plasma panel TVs are in line with rigorous THX standards for picture quality and meet critical standards in areas such as uniform brightness, accurate colors and color gamut, low black levels, high contrast ratios and the ability to display full HD video content. For the consumers, the THX certification guarantees excellent out of the box image quality for the TC-P58VT25.

  • Black level and Contrast
The VT25 series features Panasonic's 'Infinite Black Pro' displays that allow for an astonishing dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. This new technology results in significant improvements in black levels and dark level details as compared to the VT10 Plasma TV panels from 2009. The ability of the TC-P58VT25 to render accurate colors, low black levels and high contrast ratios makes it one of the best television displays of 2010 with significant improvement in the display quality of both 2D and 3D content.
  • Backlight Uniformity
Unlike edge-lit LED 3D TVs, the Panasonic TC-P58VT25 does not suffer from any non uniformities in the display brightness across the screen. This of course is a fundamental advantage of Plasma technology over LCD technology as the former does not rely on any backlighting for the display of images, but instead relies on the phosphorescence of phosphors on the plasma screen – something that is far more uniform and well controlled.
  • Refresh Rate and Video Processing
Perhaps one of the strongest fortes of the TC-P58VT25 is its video processing capabilities and its ability to handle multiple sources of video content with differing frame rates without sacrificing the quality of the displayed content.
The VT25 series of Plasma panels incorporate Panasonic's revolutionary short decay red and green phosphors that have 1/3 the decay rate of conventional red and green phosophors that are used in typical Plasma panels. What this means is that it drastically cuts down on any sort of ghosting and blurring due to the lower decay times of red and green phosphors, something that is an issue on conventional Plasma TVs.
The Panasonic TC-P58VT25 features the ability to display 3D content at 120Hz (60Hz per eye) as well as display regular 2D content at 60Hz for smooth video playback. One should not confuse the 60Hz per eye for 3D content as being inferior to LCD 3D TVs that quote 120 or even 240Hz per eye for 3D content, as the technologies are fundamentally different. Without going into the details here, keep in mind that a good 120Hz plasma panel with 60Hz per eye will produce a better 3D image quality than a 240 or 480Hz LCD panel due to the faster response time of Plasma panels.
Another important feature of the VT25 Plasma panels is its ability to switch to a refresh rate of 96Hz (an integer multiple of 24fps) thus allowing for a 4:4 pull down of 24fps video content (all your blu-ray HD material and some satellite programming) which results in exceptionally smooth video display without the much abhorred judder that is commonly observed in most LCD and Plasma panel TVs.
  • Viewing Angle
Like all Plasma TVs, the TC-P58VT25 performs very well when it comes to viewing angles. Plasma HDTVs in general exhibit superior viewing angles to LCD HDTVs and the TC-P58VT25 is no exception. This superior viewing angle of the VT25 panels is also beneficial for viewing 3D content and will provide a more comfortable 3D viewing experience for viewers sitting off-axis from the TV.
  • Optimal Viewing Distance
The optimal viewing distance for this 58 inch 3D TV is approximately 8 to 10 feet. Be sure to read our guide on calculating the best viewing distance and screen size for your 3D TV. It will help you correctly choose the optimal TV screen size and viewing distance for your home.

  • Panasonic's Active Shutter 3D Glasses
3D Technology and Performance of the TC-P58VT25 reviewed
This television features a number of technological innovations such as shorter decay red and green phosphors, and the elimination of the second front glass panel by bonding an anti-glare filter directly to the glass panel of the screen. A new panel scanning system and anti-blur circuitry helps minimize cross-talk and image ghosting on the TC-P58VT25.
  • High Speed Drive
Most Plasma TVs are only capable of displaying content at 60 fps. However, to achieve smooth flicker-free 3D viewing, these displays need to display frame-sequential 3D content at 120 fps so that each eye views the resulting video at 60 fps. To achieve this enhanced frame rate of 120 fps without sacrificing the resulting brightness of the output image, Panasonic has developed and integrated a high speed drive technology into the Neo plasma display panels thus enabling fast frame rates without affecting the image brightness.
  • Crosstalk Reduction Technology
As mentioned earlier, the new fast decay red and green phosphors, along with advanced circuitry enable a 66% reduction in phosphorescence decay times thus reducing crosstalk and ghost images. This is a very important technological innovation for Plasma panels that help the VT25 deliver a superior, ultra-smooth 3D experience free of any ghosting or motion blur artifacts.


  • Resolution : 1920 x 1080
  • Type : 3D Plasma HDTV
  • Refresh Rate : 96
  • Contrast Ratio : 5000000:1

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