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Sony KDL52XBR9

52 inch Bravia Full HD 1080p 240Hz LCD HDTV

This model is no longer available.
  • This model is no longer available.
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At last, an HDTV that complements your sophisticated lifestyle. Combine crystal-clear 1080p performance with Sony's new 240Hz anti-blur technology for vivid, smear-free images on your KDL-52XBR9. Thanks to an Ethernet port, you can surf the net and use BRAVIA Internet Video/Widgets. Take advantage of four HDMI inputs, a PC input, and a USB input that lets you connect a compatible camera to your HDTV for a quick and easy slideshow.


  • Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080p) Display Resolution
  • 100,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 240Hz refresh rate, BRAVIA Engine 3
  • Analog Audio Input(s) (Total) : 3 (1 Side/2 Rear)
  • Analog Audio Input(s) for HDMI : 1 (Rear)
  • Audio Out : 1 (Rear),Ethernet Connection(s) : 1 (Rear)
  • Audio Out (Variable/Fixed) : 1 (Rear)
  • Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Input(s) : 2 (Rear) (1 fixed/1 selectable)
  • Composite Video Input(s) : 2 (1 Side/1 Rear - selec

What's included in the box
  • 52" Widescreen LCD TV on attached table-top pedestal stand
  • Wireless remote control (RM-YD029)
  • 2 "AA" batteries
  • 6.5' Power cord
  • Operating Instructions
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Limited Warranty sheet
  • Safety and Regulatory Booklet
  • End User License Agreement
  • Notice And Licenses For Software Used In This Television
  • Digital Broadcast Reception notices

240Hz Motionflow
An upgrade from the KDL-32XBR9, your KDL-46XBR9 boasts Sony's new Motionflow 240Hz technology. Proven to be one of the most effective and sophisticated anti-blur tools, you're in for a treat. The system analyzes the motion of specific on-screen objects as well as overall movement in each scene, adjusting the amount of enhancement to create smooth, sharp pictures. For 60Hz (60i) video signals, Motionflow 240Hz adds 3 newly created frames that are inserted between the original 60 frames. That totals out to 240 frames per second (60 x 4) or quadruple the frame rate over 60Hz. Prior to creating these newly created frames, Sony's Image Blur Reduction is applied to remove the affects of camera motion; that way visible blur that is present is detected and reduced before new frames are created. The benefits are clearer, sharper images in fast action sports and video games.

24p playback
Way out west in Tinseltown, your favorite films are recorded at 24 frames per second. Unfortunately, most television content is recorded at 30fps, so most televisions are designed to display motion pictures at this speed. Until now, the solution has been to interpolate, or add, artificial scenes into 24fps content in order to "stretch" it to fit a TV's 30fps capability. Now 24fps experience is possible at home, thanks to the XBR9's 24p Cinema Playback. But wait! There's still one more piece the puzzle, and that's how 240Hz technology affects 24p playback. For 24Hz (24p) video signals, Motionflow 240Hz adds 9 newly created frames that are inserted between the original 24 frames, which also totals out to 240 frames per second (24 x 10). This reduces the affects of telecine judder. The benefit is smoother overall motion for 24p-based video content such as Blu-ray Disc movies or primetime TV shows captured at 24p.

Personalize your connectivity with Yahoo! Widgets
Get built-in, interactive tools on your XBR9 thanks to an Ethernet port. Powered by Yahoo! Widget Engine, you can personalize your TV experience by adding on-screen applications that provide such real-time information as weather reports, stock ticker updates, financial news, Yahoo! Video, Flickr images, and more. Equipped with real-time widgets, you can access Sony Internet Video content using an existing broadband connection. The service gives you a large selection of free and premium movies, TV shows, sports, music, and more from partners like Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, Yahoo!, Slacker, and others. What are you waiting for? While you're at it, know that the XBR9-Series are Digital Living Network Alliance compliant (DLNA), which enables easy access to digital photos, music, and video stores on a PC or other DLNA service, all using the XMB interface and the TV's remote control.

As a leader in products with HDMI connectivity, Sony has created BRAVIA Theatre Sync technology to go beyond simple audio and video transmission. When you combine your new KDL52XBR9 with a select number of other BRAVIA audio and video products, control functions will also be transmitted via the HDMI cable. With "One Touch Play", operations that took several steps are reduced to one. Press the PLAY button on the remote, watch the audio and/or the video component(s) turn on then the BRAVIA KDL-52XBR9 television will turn on and switch to the correct video input...Simple...Easy...BRAVIA Theatre Sync.

Seven HD inputs
Get versatile HD connection options with seven HD inputs. Four HDMI inputs (up to 1080/60p capable) let you connect a Sony PLAYSTATION 3 entertainment system, Blu-ray Disc player, or any other HDMI-capable equipment and get uncompressed digital video and multi-channel digital audio on a single cable. An HD component input and an HD combo input (1080/60i capable) provide added HD-capable connectivity, and a PC input (HD-15 pin) offers the added versatility of using your HDTV as a computer monitor.

Contrast, Advanced and Enhanced
Your flat panel HDTV and a poorly lit alley are not the same thing. "Well, duh", you might say, but we're serious. Whereas, with good reason, you might not want to see what's lurking in a dark alley's shadows, when it comes to watching video on your HDTV, you do want to be able to see every detail (hence, high definition), even in dark or shadowy scenes. Using real-time image processing to dynamically adjust backlight levels, the KDL52XBR9's Advanced Contrast Enhancer reproduces improved contrast for deep blacks in darker scenes and fine detail in shadows, revealing all the details that the director intended for you to see. Now, if the movie you're watching has a scene with a poorly lit alley . . .

ENERGY STAR savings and more
When a product boasts the ENERGY STAR qualification, this means the product meets stringent government standards set by the EPA and US Department of Energy for conserving both energy and the environment. So whether you are concerned for the environment, your pocket book or both, this HDTV helps ensure both are given an easier load to bear. Your KDL-52XBR9 HDTV exceeds ENERGY STAR 3.0 requirements by incorporating advanced power saving features such as Light Sensor technology that adjusts backlight intensity based on ambient room lighting conditions and Dynamic Backlight Control that adjusts backlight intensity based on the brightness of the image on the screen.

Avoid the "No wire" ire
The advent of HDMI has been monumental in the advancement of all your favorite audio and video gadgets. Don't miss out on all that your new KDL52XBR9 offers — in terms of high-definition audio and video connectivity — by leaving a set of HDMI cables off the list.


Sony KDL-52XBR9 - Technical Specification

  • Video Signal : 1080/60p (HDMI / COMPONENT), 1080/60i, 1080/24p (HDMI ONLY), 720/60p, 480/60p, 480/60i
Weights and Measurements
  • Dimensions (Approx.) : 49 x 32 3/8 x 14 1/8 in (1243 x 821 x 358mm) with pedestal; 49 x 29 3/8 x 3 3/8 in (1243 x 745 x 85mm) without pedestal
  • Packaging (Approx.) : 52 1/4 x 36 1/8 x 17 3/8 in (1326 x 915 x 440mm)
  • Weight (Approx.) : 65.9 lbs. (29.9kg) with pedestal; 57.1 lbs. (25.9kg) without pedestal
Audio Features
  • 5.1 Channel Audio Out : Yes
  • 5.1ch Through Out (Handycam) : Yes
  • Alternate Audio (Digital) : Yes
  • Audio Out : Variable/Fixed
  • Auto Mute (on no signal) : Yes
  • Auto SAP : Yes
  • Digital Amplifier : S-Master Digital Amplifier
  • Dolby : Dolby Digital
  • Sony Original Surround : S-Force
  • Sound Booster : Yes
  • Sound Enhancer : Yes
  • Sound Mode : Dynamic, Standard, Clear Voice, Custom
  • SteadySound Automatic Volume Control : Yes
  • Stereo System : MTS
  • Surround Effect : Sports, Music, Cinema, Game
  • Voice Zoom : Yes
  • HD Indicator : Yes
Network Features
  • BRAVIA Internet Video : Yes
  • BRAVIA Internet Widgets : Yes
  • DLNA : Client (Photo), Client (Music), Client (Video)
  • Television Type : Flat Panel LCD HDTV
  • Power Consumption (in Operation) max. : 300 W (max)
  • Power Consumption (in Standby) : Less than 0.1W (120VAC)
  • Power Requirements (frequency) : 50/60Hz
  • Power Requirements (voltage) : AC 120-240V
Video Features
  • 24p True Cinema Technology : Yes
  • 3D Comb Filter : Yes
  • 4:3 Default : Yes
  • Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) : Yes
  • Auto Wide : Yes
  • CineMotion Reverse 3:2 Pulldown Technology : Yes
  • Deep Color : Yes
  • Game Mode : Yes
  • Live Color Creation Technology : Yes
  • MPEG Noise Reduction : Yes
  • Motionflow Technology : 240 Hz
  • PhotoTV HD : Yes (HDMI / Component)
  • Picture Mode : Vivid, Standard, Custom, Cinema, Sports, Game, Graphics, Photo-Vivid, Photo-Stardard, Photo-Original, Photo-Custom
  • Video Processing : BRAVIA Engine 3 Technology
  • Wide Mode : Wide Zoom, Normal, Full (Full1-2 for PC), H Stretch, Zoom
  • x.v.Color Technology : Yes
Energy Saving & Efficiency
  • Backlight Off Mode : Yes
  • Dynamic Backlight Control : Yes
  • Eco Settings : Yes
  • Energy Star compliant : Exceeds Energy Star Version 3.0 by at least 15%
  • Estimated Annual Energy Consumption (kWh) : 459 kWhr
  • Idle TV Standby : Yes
  • LightSensor Technology : Yes
  • PC Power Management : Yes
  • Power Consumption (On Mode) for Energy Star : 251.0 W
  • Power Consumption (Standby Mode) for Energy Star : Less than 0.1W (120VAC)
  • Power Saving Modes : Yes
Service and Warranty Information
  • Limited Warranty Term : 1 Year Labor / 1 Year Parts
  • Online Instruction Manual (Reference Book) : Yes
  • Audio Power Output : 20W (10W+10W)
  • Speaker Configuration : Invisible Speaker Box + Tweeter
  • Speakers (Total) : 4
Recycled & Recyclable Materials
  • Packaging Materials : Recycled Carton (more than 40%)
  • Printed Materials : Recycled Paper
  • Product Materials : Recycled Plastic
Convenience Features
  • Auto Photo Mode : Yes (DLNA, USB)
  • Auto Picture Setting w/HDMI : Game, Graphics, Photo, Cinema
  • BRAVIA Sync : Yes
  • BRAVIA Sync Menu Button : Yes (on Remote Control)
  • Channel Block (with password) : Yes
  • Channel Jump : Yes
  • Channel Labels : Yes
  • Channel Surf : Yes
  • Edit Channel Labels : Yes
  • Favorite Channel : Yes
  • Favorites Menu : Graphic
  • ID-1 Detection : Yes
  • Info Banner : TV Guide on Screen, PSIP, XDS
  • Input Skip : Automatic
  • Internet Radio : Yes
  • Label Inputs : Yes
  • Multiple Language Display : English, French, Spanish
  • New Theatre Mode with surround : Yes
  • On-Screen Clock : Yes
  • On-Screen Display for External Input : Yes
  • On/Off Timer : Yes
  • Parental Control : Yes
  • Picture Adjustments Lock : Yes
  • Program Block : Yes
  • Scene Select : Cinema, Sports, Photo, Music, Game, Graphics, General, Auto
  • Show/Hide Channels : Yes
  • Sleep Timer : Yes
  • Start Up BRAVIA Logo Display : Yes
  • TV Guide On-Screen : Yes (Gemstar ver.10)
  • Theatre Mode (Theatre Button) : Yes
  • Theatre Mode with Cinema Surround : Yes
  • USB Application(s) : Music Player (mp3), Photo Viewer (jpeg), Video Player (mpeg2 TS)
  • White Balance : RGB Gain/Bias
Regulation and Standard Compliance
  • VESA Hole Pitch : 300x300 M6
  • VESA Hole Spacing Compatible : Yes
  • Aspect Ratio : 16:9
  • Color Range (u'v') : 102% of NTSC
  • Color Range (xy) : 91% of NTSC
  • Display Resolution : 1920 x 1080p (Full HD)
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio : 100,000:1
  • Native Resolution : 1920 x 1080
  • On-Screen Contrast Ratio : 3,800:1
  • Panel Bit : 10-bit
  • Screen Size (measured diagonally) : 52"
  • Viewing Angle (Right/Left) : 178 (89/89)
  • Viewing Angle (Up/Down) : 178 (89/89)
Display Features
  • Backlight Type : WCG-CCFL
  • Display Device : LCD
Inputs and Outputs
  • AC Power Input : 1 (Rear)
  • Analog Audio Input(s) (Total) : 3 (1 Side/2 Rear)
  • Analog Audio Input(s) for HDMI : 1 (Rear)
  • Audio Out : 1 (Rear)
  • Audio Out (Variable/Fixed) : 1 (Rear)
  • Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Input(s) : 2 (Rear) (1 fixed/1 selectable)
  • Composite Video Input(s) : 2 (1 Side/1 Rear - selectable)
  • Digital Audio Output(s) : Optical Digital Output - 1 (Rear)
  • Ethernet Connection(s) : 1 (Rear)
  • HDMI Connection(s) (Total) : 4 (3 Side/1 Rear)
  • HDMI PC Input : Yes (see owner's manual for supported timings)
  • PC In (D-Sub) + Audio In (Stereo Mini) : 1 (Side) see owner's manual for supported timings
  • RF Connection Input(s) : 1 (Rear)
  • S-Video Detection : Yes
  • S-Video Input(s) : 1 (Side)
  • USB 1.1 : 1 (Rear) for Service only
  • USB 2.0 : 1 (Side)
General Features
  • BRAVIA Link Module support : DMX-SW1, DMX-DVD, DMX-WL1
  • Closed Captions
Product Wiki

Extended Warranty

Sony Warranty

  • One year from the date of purchase (90 days for commercial use)
  • Fully Transferable
  • Repair or Replacement Guarantee
  • Repair Only by Sony Authorized Service Techs
  • 99.99% Pixel Guarantee
  • No Deductibles
  • No Trip Charges
  • In-Home Service (whenever possible)
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • All Parts and Labor Covered
  • For Complete Terms and Conditions of this Warranty Please access 

Extended Service Plan 

  • Five years from date of purchase
  • Fully Transferable  
  • Repair or Replacement Guarantee
  • Repair Only by Sony Authorized Service Techs
  • 99.99% Pixel Guarantee
  • No Deductibles
  • No Trip Charges
  • In-Home Service (whenever possible)
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • All Parts and Labor Covered
  • 24 Hours per day/ 7 Days per week/ 365 Days per year Customer Support Line
  • For Complete Terms and Conditions of this Warranty Please access



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