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What are Back-lit LED TVs?

LED TVs described as backlit, or full array, are illuminated by rows of LED’s arranged directly behind the screen, rather than just around the edges. Back-lit LED TVs include an array of LED’s arranged directly behind the LCD screen. The LED’s can be dimmed but not independently. Brighter pictures and more energy efficient than CCFL but not as thin as Edge-lit. (Sharp LE700 series are Back-lit LED’s.) An important thing to note is that just because an LED is backlit does not mean there is an LED for each pixel. Actually, no such TV exists. In the case of the Sharp LE700, there are only a couple dozen LED’s behind the whole LCD screen. Usually, one LED is responsibly for lighting several thousands of pixels. This means there is still room for improvement as LEDs get smaller and less expensive. The biggest thing to remember about LED TVs is that they offer a better picture than CCFL, they are more energy efficient (by up to 40%) and are usually thinner. LED backlit televisions are the latest generation in LCD TV technology. Overall, LED backlit televisions offer great improvements over standard CCFL backlit LCD’s. The standard backlit LED television places white LED’s directly behind the LCD panel. With televisions, differences come down to the size, the length, width, height and picture

Benefits of Backlit LED TV’s

LED Televisions boast an engineering that employs Light Emitting Diodes, which allows for the picture top quality to be far superior to that of older plasma. LED TVs also deliver higher dynamic contrast because the LED’s that are used at the back of the television can be turned on and off independently unlike the fluorescent lamps. LED TVs still use LCD panels but instead of using cold cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFL’s, LED’s use light emitting diodes to back light the television. LED TVs are LCD TVs that use LED’s or light-emitting diodes as the backlight instead of the cold cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFL. LED’s are smaller than the fluorescent panels making TVs more power efficient. LED TVs are technically a member of the LCD family because both ordinary LCD TVs and LED TVs have the same liquid crystal display. The backlighting on the LED televisions is much more accurate in terms of black levels, and color. Backlit LED TVs also support the local dimming function which independently illuminates different clusters of pixels. Additionally, LED TVs are very energy efficient, merely because of the advantage that LED bulbs have over fluorescent tubes in this regard. The LED’s also help the environment by requiring less material to make the thinner TVs, and using less fossil fuel to transport them. The picture quality on a Back-lit LED TV is the one of the best on the market.

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