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What are Bookshelf Speakers?

A bookshelf loudspeaker (or bookshelf speaker) is a compact loudspeaker usually used in stereo playback or as the front and/or rear speakers in a surround sound package. Bookshelf speakers usually have a wider frequency playback than satellite speakers but not as wide as a tower speaker.

Benefits of Bookshelf Loudspeakers

When you are trying to develop sound for your Home Theater System Bookshelf Loudspeakers are a perfect delivery source for todays advanced digital music formats. Typically you’ll find most bookshelf speakers not only come in a box, they are a box. The Condensed box shape allows the speakers to pack a quality punch of sound. You will have an equal level of frequencies of treble, mid range, and bass Bookshelf Speakers can also be mounted to your walls or placed on stands as well. Bookshelf Loudspeakers are smaller than most Home Theater Speakers and have become an integral part of the surround sound system.

You can add several of these speakers to give yourself an amazing sound quality listening to your music or watching movies. Bookshelf Speakers are great for small spaces. Bookshelf Speakers offers great quality but is affordable for most wannabe audiophiles.

Types of Bookshelf Loudspeakers With evolution of speakers and sound quality, you have to know what you’re looking for in a speaker. Bookshelf Loudspeakers are no different. Here is a small break down to provide you with some insight while shopping for your perfect sound. There are several types of Bookshelf Speakers, but 2-Way & 3-way seem to be the most common.

2-Way Bookshelf Speaker Systems will sound great, but only has a tweeter and a mid-range speaker enclosed in the speaker cabinet. With this arrangement the bass is not as strong, but the mid-range speaker still can pull a good low frequency.

3-Way Bookshelf Speaker System has a Subwoofer enclosed in the cabinet, offer more low end punch. 3-way meaning the speaker cabinet has a tweeter, mid-range speaker, and subwoofer.

You can choose depending on your sound preference and budget. There are several benefits to adding Bookshelf Speakers to your Surround Sound System, but before you decide to purchase consult our Trained Staff. Call, E-mail, or Chat and one of our Home Theater Experts will assist you in selecting the best Bookshelf Loudspeakers for your Home Theater System.

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