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What is Center Speaker?

The center speaker in a surround sound system is often considered to be the most important speaker in the surround sound system. It is designed to reproduce nearly all of the movie’s dialogue and should be placed in the same horizontal plane a the TV so as to give the listener the perception that the dialogue, special effects, and whatever else is being played through the center channel speaker is coming directly from the video display. In front projection systems video screens are available with micro-perforations so that the speaker can be placed behind the screen so that the dialogue actually DOES come from the screen itself.

Benefits of Center Channel Speakers

If you’re building a Home Theater Surround Sound Systems you will need to consider buying a Center Channel Speaker. Center channel speakers are a very significant element of a surround sound home theater system.

The center channel is designed to split the sound equally across the left and right front speakers. The center speaker is usually used for dialogue, and incidental music effects tracks in films. Home Theater Systems without a Center Channel Speaker will make your sound very thin, causing your other speakers to work harder. Having a good Center Speaker fulfills the complete Home Theater Surround Sound. If you want HD Sound make sure you have a quality Center Speaker

There are several benefits to adding a Center Speaker to your Surround Sound System, but before you decide to purchase consult our Trained Staff. Call, E-mail, or Chat and one of our Home Theater Experts will assist you in selecting the best Center Channel Speaker for your Home Theater System.

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