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Thomas, Friendswood TX

"Yes, Total integration was achieved."

"I have the ease and excitement of activating any and all of these devices from any of six color real time touch panels strategically located throughout the 2500 square foot home. No longer am I a slave to multiple conflicting remotes that I never master , nor do I have to look at or operate old fashion on/off light switches or dimming controls. My attractive high tech color touch panels lead me through a logical sequence of page that your programmers helped me to design and implement. I am truly living in the New Age."

Beth, Duncanville TX

"I wanted to tell you that I have been very satisfied with the service and the equipment I bought from you. Your installation crew was terrific and did a great job."

"But the nicest surprise was your System Designer, Wes Fanning. He is my sales person and he has been nothing but amazing. He has made special trips on his own time to make sure I'm happy with my system and he has tried to teach me something about the technical world out there. I just want you to know he should be treated as the valuable employee he is."

"Again, thanks so much for doing such a find job!"

Paul & Sandy, Dallas TX

"In shopping around, we quickly realized the best place for our needs was MODIA | Home Theater Store; they were attentive, responsive, and patient. MODIA | Home Theater Store always presented a comfortable and professional approach to helping us plan, design, and install an impressive array of sleek systems and powerful equipment for our media, game and family rooms."

"We were always respected and never overwhelmed with 'media speak.' Our installation was neat, clean and on-time. Now we have a well matched home entertainment system that meets our family's life style and sits second row to no-one."

John & Sue, Spring TX

"They returned as scheduled and completed the installation. Sue and I would like you to know how pleased we were with the installation team. They were very professional, took their time to insure things were correct, explained what they were doing, cleaned up what little mess was made from cutting holes in the ceiling, and kept a positive attitude through out the whole process."

"In any business it is paramount to keep the customer satisfied. In this case, Felix and Luis went beyond satisfaction. They were committed to doing a good job, and leaving with everything in place, and working properly."

Phil & Kelly, Houston TX

"Angel and Felix have been have proven in recent weeks their dedication and commitment to serving their clients, regardless of time, day or tedium. Phil and I recently purchased a Fireball system, and were immediately met with serious challenges concerting our existing Internet access. After three long days of waiting for call centers to pick up, trial and error and plain guess-work, both Angel and Felix stuck it through it with us without complaint, and got our new home theatre system working. They even left our house with a smile! We are confident that if any new home entertainment issues arose, Angel and Felix would be ready to aid us in any way possible. Because of them, we would not hesitate to recommend the MODIA | Home Theatre Store to any one."

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