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Gerald, Buda TX

"Last fall I purchased an had intalled a Runco projector from the Austin MODIA | Home Theater Store. Almost immediately a problem developed with the unit. I contacted Todd who had sold me the projector and he began what turned out to be a long and arduous involvement with the manufacturer to get the matter resolved. Through Todd's efforts the unit was replaced and I am completely satisfied with my projector and the efforts of Todd and the rest of the Austin operation to make things right."

"It may seem odd that I would write to recognize Todd when it took so long to resolve the problem, but that is exactly the point. For one thing, the delays were caused by the manufacturer, not by HTS or Todd. And in the end, Todd's refusal to accept anything but a total solution to my problem is what made the final result a positive experience. Let me assure you that my future business will be with MODIA | Home Theater Store."

Terry, Colleyville TX

"My quest was to find someone to retrofit and customize a large entertainment center and after several other companies told me that it was impossible, MODIA | Home Theater Store not only took the job, but executed it perfectly."

"I am very pleased with every aspect of my system - the myriad of components all work together flawlessly. The people at MODIA | Home Theater Store are educated in product and design, responsive and unquestionably qualified."

Dennis, Kemah TX

"You guys know what you are doing and letting you spec out my needs has proven to be the right choice. For someone like me that needs simplicity when it comes to electronics, the Crestron system has eliminated about 10 remotes and that in itself says it all..."

"Your selection of B&W speakers along with their placement has made the room sound great and the projector and screen that was installed by MODIA | Home Theater Store rivals the quality of a top of the line plasma television. We now find it thrilling to listen to our music and DVDs, in fact many of our friends insist on bringing the DVDs they purchase to our theater because of the outstanding quality."

Todd, Magnolia TX

"We are really enjoying the home theater, especially the Runco projector. There is certainly no doubt in my mind that we made the right choices in equipment or in doing business with you."

"I can tell you without reserve that there is not another electronics retailer or home theater specialist in the Houston area that can touch what you guys did."

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