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Roger Carr,  February, 2015,  ny

"It worked great and was exactly what I needed will order another one next month if they still have it."
Jeff Blair,  February, 2015,  ca

"Very happy with the purchase. The speaker arrived on time and in great condition."
Marc Graham,  February, 2015,  NC

"Prompt and courteous communications and fast shipping. Great seller!"
Juana R Deans,  February, 2015,  TX

"The item was delivered earlier than estimated. I was contacted to ensure the delivery new date was acceptable. Driver was extremely careful with the package and very courteous. I was very satisfied with the delivery and service. I would definitely do business with this company again."
Doug Nagel,  February, 2015,  IL

"Great buying experience. My item came well before the date specified and has been working great so far."
Isaac Gonzalez,  February, 2015,  MD

"service was 5.0. Unit came in on time and work as advertised."
Shane J Dockter,  February, 2015,  COLORADO

"The product arrived on time and in perfect condition."
Ronald Lewis,  February, 2015,  Tx

"I looked all over for this TV and it was not available anywhere. I was able to find it at Modia by way of Amazon. I am completely satisfied with the product and service I received, and would definitely recommend them to other consumers."
Eric DeJarlais,  January, 2015,  WI

"Fast Shipping. Great Seller."
Ted W. Hall,  January, 2015,  CA

"Timely delivery. The speakers arrived undamaged and are performing beautifully."
Thomas F. Tyszkiewicz,  January, 2015,  CT

"Brand new quality item as described. The television was delivered quickly."
Kenneth Supek,  January, 2015,  NY

"The item arrived quickly and worked perfectly."
Ronald Avra,  January, 2015,  Texas

"Merchandise delivered promptly; in condition as advertised."
VICTORIA READ,  January, 2015,  NEW YORK

"Awesome delivery great packaging everything good to go. 3d glasses new."
Martin Kramm,  January, 2015,  NM

"ordered tv--seller contacted me the next day to let me know that they were out of stock. they offered me the newer model at the same price. I excepted. They shipped and I received the first day of the arrival window. Great service. Thank You"

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