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What is Display Resolution?

The display resolution of a digital television or display typically refers to the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed. One use of the term "display resolution" applies to fixed-pixel-array displays such as plasma display panels (PDPs), liquid crystal displays (LCDs), digital light processing (DLP) projectors, or similar technologies, and is simply the physical number of columns and rows of pixels creating the display (e.g., 1920 X 1080).

Display Resolution Technology

Display resolutions vary greatly depending upon the size of the display. Display Resolution measures picture quality in pixels. It is a kind of flat-panel display where a mixture of neon and xenon gases are held between two sealed glass plates having deposits of parallel electrodes on the surfaces of these sealed glass plates. The broadcast formats displayed by your television dictate what sort of signals your television is able to receive and display.

Plasma Display Resolution quality is far better than a normal CRT (cathode ray tube) television. LCD s (Liquid Crystal Displays) use liquid crystals as optical shutters, which control the amount of light passing through the thin display screen, creating vivid, life-like colors. Modern plasma TVs display colors in billions thanks to advances made in technology and processing of plasma panel and digital video. Conventional CRTs use an electron beam to scan the picture tube from top to bottom at regular intervals, lighting the phosphors to create the image. Tere are a number of ways to display an incoming "standard" 4:3 picture from satellite, VCR, or cable TV, and some plasma televisions do it better than others. Additionally, the display can be adjusted. While the default format is 16:9, the display can be changed to 14:9 or 4:3

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