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What is Dolby Pro Logic?

When choosing the right type of sound system for your home, it is important to consider many different factors. The original Dolby Pro Logic system first introduced in 1987, which was already a major upgrade of the original Dolby Surround matrix . Dolby Pro Logic is a surround sound processing technology designed to decode soundtracks encoded with Dolby Surround. Dolby Pro-Logic is the consumer version of theatrical Dolby Stereo and Dolby Surround. Dolby Pro Logic is a 4-channel surround system that provides left and right main speaker channels, a center channel to keep dialogue centered on the TV regardless of viewer location, and a mono surround channel (This mono signal is usually spilt between two surround speakers) Here is a simplified version, Dolby Pro Logic takes the sound and separates it into four channels, which creates a better quality theater system sound. These four channels of sound split into two speakers that both receive the same signal. One of the main problems with Dolby Pro Logic is that Pro Logic could only offer full-range sound reproduction across its three front speakers, sending its fourth channel to two rear speakers as a divided mono channel, but the sound was extremely crisp. Dolby Digital was one with the first product systems that can decode all the various sound waves, and channel them into the ideal speakers for optimum clarity

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