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What is DSP?

Digital signal processing first began in the 1960s when digital computers were developed. Digital signal processing (DSP) is one of the fastest-changing fields in modern electronics. Digital signal processing (DSP) is an audio processing application. Digital signal processing and analog signal processing are subfields of signal processing. DSP in the audio/video realm is a way of processing a recorded signal in order to generate playback with characteristics different than the original recording, such as a stereo recording played back simulating the echoes and delays found in, for example, a Jazz Club or Stadium. Digital signal processing allows sounds to be recorded and transmitted in ways not possible through previously used analog technology. A carrier signal is a transmitted electromagnetic pulse or wave at a steady base frequency of alternation on which information can be imposed by increasing signal strength, varying the base frequency, varying the wave phase. Analog signal processing refers to the form of signal processing that is carried out on analog signals and by the use of analog means In terms of audio, analog signal processing is responsible for the changes in bass, treble and volume controls. The analog signal processing channels are readily capable of signal summation, differencing, correlation, threshold, and some compression. There are capabilities which are present in analog signal processing which are absent in digital signal processing, though the latter is often considered to be far more powerful and cheaper.

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