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What are Edge-lit LED TVs?

Edge-lit LED TVs are arranged around the perimeter of the screen and lit is distributed via a diffusive reflection panel behind the LCD screen. First generation of LED TV is the Edge Lit LED TV. These TVs were commercially introduced in the market in early 2009. It has only slight advantage in picture quality over CCFLs but it produces the thinnest of all the LCD TVs. The biggest thing to remember about LED TVs is that they offer a better picture than CCFL. Edge-lit LED TVs may be thinner than their backlit counterparts, but they are also less uniform in terms of backlighting. Edge-lit LED TV’s provide a remarkably vivid picture, thanks to high contrast ratios, making it perfect for gaming with amazing deep black levels and well-rendered shadows. Some edge-lit LED TV’s feature local dimming. The primary advantage that edge-lit LED televisions have over traditional LCD screens is that they can be much thinner. Another useful feature of edge-lit LED TV that less energy is not only good for the environment but also save energy bills consumed per month, they are more energy efficient (by up to 40%). Edge-Lit LED TV’s produces far less heat, with little to no heat emanating from the set and it was cool to the touch. Edge-lit LED TVs are less expensive as compared to backlit LED televisions.

Some brands of Edge-Lit LED TV’s we carry are Sharp, LG, Sony, & Samsung 6000, 7000, 8000, and XBR10 series TVs.

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