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What is Front Projector?

The overhead projector is a technology in which LCD, DLP, or SXRD chips or cathode ray tubes are used exactly as they are in flat panel or rear-projection sets. Couple with an optical system which allows for magnification of the image and projection onto a screen dedicated to front projection technology. Screens are optimized for the type (and in some cases brand) of projector used. Projectors designed for Home Theater Applications will benefit greatly from an installation done in a room with lighting controls so as to maximize the light from the projector lamp being displayed on the screen. Different projectors, as with TVs, will have different image quality and performance based on the optical system and video processor used in the unit.

DLP Projectors

DLP Projectors is rapidly becoming a major player in the front projection market, having sold millions of systems and achieved a big market share. DLP front projectors (small standalone projection units). With improved technology, front projectors can now be installed in living areas that allow some ambient light. Projectors are sometimes called "front projectors" or "two-piece projection systems" in reference to the fact that a projector is typically used with a separate screen that is either mounted on a wall or hung from a ceiling. Dark room often required. Front projectors look their best in a darkened room, just like a movie theater. A three-chip DLP projector uses a prism to split light from the lamp, and each primary colour of light is then routed to its own DMD chip, then recombined and routed out through the lens. In DLP projectors, the image is created by microscopically small mirrors laid out in a matrix on a semiconductor chip, known as a Digital Micro Mirror Device. DLP Projectors are immune from burn-in images.

LCD Projectors

An LCD (liquid crystal display) projector is a type of video projector for displaying video, images or computer data on a screen or other flat surface. LCD projectors consist of a small LCD screen and a large and powerful bulb the image is thrown from the projector when light from the bulb passes through the screen. LCD projectors can now produce deep black levels. LCD Projection Projectors are immune from burn-in images. LCD Projection offers a noise free picture

Front Projection Benefits

A front projector can provide a large picture that will make the average television set look like a throwback to the 1950s. Front Projection offers the largest possible picture. Many home theater enthusiasts have begun to recognize that one can effectively reproduce a real theater experience at a surprisingly good cost by using digital front projectors. Any 1080p front projector is definitely more technically advanced than other front projectors. With today’s technology front projection systems have become smaller and brighter over the past several years. Front Projectors are now 1080p & 3D ready.

There are several benefits to adding a Front Projection as your Home Theater System, but before you decide to purchase consult our Trained Staff. Call, E-mail, or Chat and one of our Home Theater Experts will assist you in selecting a Front Projector.

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