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What are Holograms?

Holography is a technique that allows the light scattered from an object to be recorded and later reconstructed so that it appears as if the object is in the same position. Holographic images appear three dimensional.

Holographic TV Technology

Well precisely speaking, hologram TV is not just a television but a breakthrough in technological implications. Holographic TV is the stuff of sci-fi, for sure. Holographic TV's may be here sooner than we think. Holographic TV is becoming a reality. There's not much information hypothesizing how a holographic TV set would work, but early ideas hint at a "screen" or a sheet of glass or plastic in which a hologram projector would draw the image through. Holographic television system is a special technology, which is capable of generating, transmitting and reconstructing three-dimensional moving pictures in real time and in color, rejecting electromagnetic bandwidth for transmission. In the last couple of years scientists have suddenly made tremendous leaps forward in creating moving three-dimensional holographic images. Breakthrough technology advances are being seen in the subject of holographic TV projection, with size reduction being one of the main focuses.

With fast progress in TV technologies and electronic media, grasping hologram television seems no more a distant dream. Researchers at the MIT revealed this week just how close they are to building a commercially viable holographic TV -- their model has a refresh rate of 15 frames per second. That's only a hair's breadth away from the 30 fps of standard television and film.

Keep in mind Hologram or Holographic Television is not ready for commercial production but they might by late 2012. Keep checking our website for updates. In the meantime we have several LCD, DLP, Plasma, and all types of HD TV’s in stock.

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