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What are LCD Televisions?

LCD TVs are based on a "transmissive" system in which fluorescent bulbs emit light which passes through a liquid crystal matrix. These crystals twist and untwist in order to let different frequencies of light pass through, thus generating the colors we see displayed on the screen. In earlier LCD TVs black level reproduction was limited, but advancements have been made in color and black level on conventional LCD TVs. A new type of LCD TV is now available in which the fluorescent bulbs have been replaced by a series of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). LCD TV screens are based on a special type of crystals that react to electrical current by changing shape (not changing color like the gasses in a Plasma screen).

Benefits of LCD TV

An LCD TV is surely an outstanding item, both in terms of functionality and beauty. LCD TV offers higher resolutions than plasmas of the same size, and HDTV LCD TV generally cost less and uses less energy than Plasma TV’s.

LCD TVs are extremely popular with consumers. LCD TV manufacturers have done much to improve their displays' viewing angles. LCD TV displays 1080p images and provides smooth motion with 240Hz/4ms response. LCD TV is for the great picture quality on a large flat screen so you too can have a great viewing experience of your favorite programs, films or even Xbox, PS3, AND Wii games. 

There are many brands of LCD TV’s like Sony, LG, Sharp, Samsung and many more. Here at we can help you select from LCD, Plasma, LED, and DLP HD TV’s.

There are several benefits to adding am LCD TV as part of your Home Theater System, but before you decide to purchase consult our Trained Staff. Call, E-mail, or Chat and one of our Home Theater Experts will assist you in selecting the right type of LCD Television.

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