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Diamond 800 series Speakers @ CES-2010

Bowers & Wilkins 800 series has offered legendary audio performance for decades. Now the Diamond 800 series builds on that legacy with vastly improved performance across the board and for the first time the inclusion of a diamond tweeter in every speaker in the seven model range. Bowers & Wilkins is proud to announce the launch of the 800 Series Diamond. The first new incarnation of the legendary 800 Series in six years brings Bowers & Wilkins closer to the ultimate ambition of its founder, John Bowers; to create a transducer that truly neither adds to nor subtracts from the original signal. Specially designed for the home, the 800 series offers levels of quality such that the most demanding recording and mastering studios in the world choose to use them. All 800 series get boosted by implementation of the famous diamond tweeter technology throughout the whole range, including the new 805 Diamond, a speaker that brings diamond tweeters into the range of more discerning listeners than ever before. The new diamond 800 series increases efficiency and improves the dynamic range of the top-end performance. And with the implementation of a new dual magnet motor system, bass performance has also improved. Coupled with improvements in the crossover, B&W, once again takes the 800 series to a new level of performance.



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