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What are On-Wall Speakers?
On-Wall Speaker were engineered to work well in reduced depth and space with simple installation, and unsurpassed fit, performance, sonic focus and long-term durability. On-wall speakers are a relatively new category of loudspeakers, created due to the recently popularity of flat HDTV’s. On-wall speakers are box speakers that are mounted on the wall. These speakers are commonly used to accompany flat panel televisions. On-Wall speakers are mounted on the wall surface rather than being recessed. Many on-wall speakers have cosmetics similar to today’s flat panel TVs and will be the ideal accent to a wall-mounted TV. This type of speaker will not be as deep or as wide as a bookshelf speaker but is designed to have similar tonal characteristics. Conventional on-wall speakers jut out four to five inches, dwarfing the depth of most wall-mounted flat-panel displays.
Benefits of having Outdoor TV’s

On-wall speakers compete favorably with in-wall speakers in many installations. On-wall speakers for home theater entertainment systems offer high performance acoustics. On-wall speakers are not only sonically superb but also technologically cutting edge and certainly among the slimmest wall speakers available. An on-wall speaker system is easy to install, coming as they do supplied with all the brackets and bolts required for mounting on the wall. On-wall speaker system will gives you a certain degree of quality to your Home Theater Sound experience.

Mounted On-Wall Speakers will help complete your Home Cinema experience by giving you a full surround sound feeling.

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