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What is Optical cable (TOS LINK)?

There are various sizes, kinds and configurations in audio cables but the most popular of them is the Toslink cable, which is usually called an optical cable. TOSLINK or Optical Cable is a standardized optical fiber connection system. It’s most common use is in consumer audio equipment, where it carries a digital audio stream between components such as cable or satellite boxes, DVD or Blu-Ray Player, video games, and A/V receivers or processors. Toslink was originally invented by Toshiba for use in their CD players in 1983. TOSLINK connectors are available in both standard and mini sizes. Toslink can support various media formats and physical standards.

TOSLINK cables are unaffected by electrical interference or any hum from the components being used, since those cables do not contain any metal shielding. TOSLINK was developed by Toshiba and is a fiber optic connection that transmits the signal via red light. The TOSLINK is often found next to an RCA socket used for digital audio connections on audio-video (A/V) receivers

Optical Cable Technology

The fiber within an optical cable is composed of thousands of individual wires. An optical cable is an optical fiber that has been coated with a tough layer of resin. This layer is then surrounded by what is referred to as a jacket layer. Future Optical Cables will be able to zip 10 gigabits of data per second from one gadget to another, a rate equivalent of transferring a Blu-ray movie from a computer to a mobile video player in 30 seconds. The Optical Cable is ideal for use with PS3, Xbox360, HD DVD and Blu-ray DVD players, DVD, DVD Audio, SACD, CD, D-VHS, Game Console, S/PDIF, and Dolby Digital, THX, and DTS high quality audio applications. Audio signals transmitted using Toslink are also safe from electrical or magnetic interference. There are various types of fibers used for a TOSLINK such as multi-strand plastic optical fibers, quartz glass optical fibers and 1-millimeter plastic optical fibers. The TOSLINK supports a diversity of physical standards and media formats

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