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Sony BDVE3100
3D Blu-ray Home Theater with Wi-Fi
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Product Review:

Amp up the action, and fill your room with theater-like sound. With built-in Wi-Fi access blockbuster movies, shows, music, and more1-right on your TV. Plus, easily connect your smartphone with one-touch Bluetooth pairing to start streaming your music instantly11. You can now easily enjoy that perfect party mix in surround sound without the fuss of wires.

What's included in the box

  • Quick Setup Guide : Yes
  • Warranty Card : Yes
  • Batteries : Yes
  • FM Antenna (Pig tail / T type) : Yes

  • Simple. Integrated. Powerful: Bring the movie theater experience home with the Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc player, vibrant 5.1 channel HD surround sound, and 1000 Watts of power to immerse you in sound
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for easy setup: Easily connect to the internet without the clutter of cables
  • Make your movies more entertaining with 3D conversion & DVD HD upscaling: Enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc movies in Full HD 1080p and upscale standard DVDs to near HD quality. In addition, bring the 3D experience to your entire movie collection with the ability to convert 2D Blu-ray and DVDs into 3D movies for a stunning experience
  • Connect & stream music from Bluetooth devices with just one-touch: The easiest and fastest way to start streaming music from your NFC enabled device to your home theater system. Utilizing Near Field Communication and Bluetooth, connect and wirelessly stream music from your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth & NFC enabled device by touching them together just once. No NFC, no can still connect and stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth
  • Unlimited streaming choices with the Sony Entertainment Network: With the Sony Entertainment Network, you’ll never run out entertainment options with access to 100+ streaming services including movies, TV shows, and music from Netflix, YouTube, HuluPlus, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, and more. Also, access My Sports & Fitness apps designed for your Health and optimized for your TV
  • Display your multi-media wirelessly from your PC with DLNA: Using DLNA you can wirelessly access music, videos and photos from your PC or other compatible Android device and play them on your TV
  • TV SideView enables you to enjoy multimedia from your Tablet on your TV: With the free Sony TV Side View app, you can Throw (display) your videos, pictures, and music on your TV from your tablet. Also, control the player remotely with a Sony Tablet ,Android, device, iPhone, iPad,or iPod touch
  • Socialize with your on-line friends while you watch TV: Share your thoughts with your friends on Facebook and Twitter via your TV with the Socialize application
  • Learn more about your movies with Gracenote: Gracenote searches across internet apps and external services such as YouTube and Video Unlimited to provide you with detailed information on a wide-variety of movies
  • Improve your movie watching experience with I/P noise reduction: I/P noise reduction for the Blu-ray Disc drive is specifically designed to eliminate playback noise and to protect it from dust and other debris for a better movie watching experience

Amplifier Functions:
  • TV: Yes 
  • AUDIO IN: Yes 
  • BD/DVD: Yes 
  • Bluetooth: Yes 
  • FM: Yes 
  • USB: Yes 
  • Power Consumption: In Operation: 95W In Standby: 0.3W
Inputs and Outputs
  • BlueTooth: Yes 
Audio Power Output
  • Center (Reference): 250W 
  • Front (Reference): 125W 
  • Subwoofer (Reference): 250W 
  • Surround (Reference): 125W 
  • Total (Reference): 1000W Total (RMS): (125Wx 4+ 250W+ 250 measured at 3 Ohms, 80Hz – 1 kHz with a THD of 1%) 
  • DTS: Yes 
  • DTS-ES: Yes(as DTS Core) 
  • DTS-ES Discrete6.1: Yes(as DTS Core) 
  • DTS-ES Matrix6.1: Yes(as DTS Core) 
  • DTS-HD: Yes 
  • DTS-HD HR: Yes 
  • DTS-HD LBR: Yes 
  • DTS96/24: Yes 
  • Dolby Digital: Yes 
  • Dolby Digital Plus: Yes 
  • Dolby True HD: Yes
  • Muting: Yes 
  • Preset: Yes
  • DTS HD Master Audio bit-stream out: Yes 
  • Dolby Digital: Yes 
  • Dolby TrueHD bit-stream out: Yes 
  • LPCM 2ch out: Yes 
  • LPCM 6ch out: Yes 
  • LPCM 8ch out: Yes
Music EQ
  • Electronica: Yes 
  • Hip Hop: Yes 
  • Pop: Yes 
  • Rock: Yes 
  • Standard: Yes
Sound Mode
  • 2ch Stereo: Yes 
  • Auto: Yes 
  • DSEE: Yes 
  • Demo Sound: Yes 
  • Digital Music Enhancer: Yes 
  • Football: Yes 
  • Movie: Yes (AFD STD +Moive) 
  • Music: Yes (AFD STD+Music) 
  • Night: Yes
Speaker Layout
  • All front: Yes 
  • Standard: Yes
Surround Setting
  • 2ch STEREO: Yes 
  • DTS Neo:6 (Music/Cinema): Yes(~48K) / Yes(~48K) 
  • Dolby Prologic: Yes(~48K)
Auto Scan Tuning: Yes 
Band: FM 
External Antenna (FM/AM): FM (PH Connector) 
Preset Station: 20 (FM) 


  • AV Sync: Yes
  • Alpha-numeric FL Display: Yes 
  • Auto Power Off (Auto Stand-by): Yes 
  • Bit Rate Indicator: Yes (Video, Audio, BIV) 
  • Dimmer: Yes 
  • Drive Type (Tray/Slot-in): Tray 
  • Easy Setup (Quick Setup): Yes 
  • PhotoTV HD: Yes 
  • SLEEP: Yes 
  • Screen Saver: Yes 
  • TV system Default Setting: 60Hz 
  • USB Keyboard: Yes
  • Browser Viewer for IPTV (e.g. BBC): Yes 
  • Favorites: Yes 
  • Party Mode: Yes 
  • Portal UI: Yes 
  • Vudu: Yes 
  • Wake-up on LAN: Yes
Supported Media
  • BD-Live: Yes 
  • BD-R/RE: Yes(BDAV/BDMV) 
  • BD-ROM: Yes(SL/DL) 
  • Bonus View: Yes 
  • CD (CD-DA): Yes 
  • CD Graphics: Yes 
  • CD-R/-RW: Yes 
  • CD-Text: Yes 
  • DVD Camcorder 8cm DVD: Yes 
  • DVD+R: Yes 
  • DVD+R Double Layer: Yes 
  • DVD+RW: Yes 
  • DVD-R: Yes 
  • DVD-R Dual Layer: Yes 
  • DVD-R/-RW VR: Yes 
  • DVD-RW: Yes 
  • DVD-Text: Yes 
  • DVD-Video: Yes 
  • External HDD (Read, Copy/Move): Yes(Read) 
  • File System (FAT32, NTFS, exFAT): Yes(FAT32, NTFS) 
  • SA-CD (SA-CD/CD) Playback: Yes 
  • SACD-Text: Yes (CD only) 
  • USB Memory: Yes
  • Deep Color: Yes 
  • Disc Drive: Yes (Precision Drive HD) 
  • Preset Picture mode Cinema: Yes (Theater room /Brighter room /Standard) 
  • x.v.Color: Yes
Inputs and Outputs

  • Analog Audio Input(s): PIN Jack: 1 
  • Ethernet Connection(s):
  • Optical Audio Input(s):
  • USB Input(s): 1 (Front)
  • HDMI Output(s):

  • 3D Streaming: Yes 
  • Live Streaming: Yes 
  • Personal Contents: Yes 
  • Recom.: Yes 
  • Subtitle: Yes
Entertainment DB Browser
  • Cover Art: Yes 
  • History Browse: Yes 
  • Information Browse (with Web Browser): Yes 
  • Information Display: Yes 
  • Related information: Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB, BIVL) 
  • Search Contents: Yes
Home Share (DLNA)
  • Contents Throw: Yes (Music, Photo) 
  • DMP (Dgital Media Player): Yes (Video, Audio, Photo) 
  • DMR (Dgital Media Renderer): Yes (Video, Audio, Photo) 
  • Party Control Screen: Yes 
  • Smart Select: Yes
Sony Entertainment Network
  • Streaming: Yes
TV SideView
  • BD Remote 1.1: Yes 
  • BD Remote 2.0 and above: Yes 
  • Device: Yes(Axis, iPhone, Android)
Web Browser
  • Java: Yes 
  • Security Filter: Yes 
  • Streaming: Yes
  • Wi-Fi Built in: Yes (2.4 GHz) 
  • Playback Control
  • Repeat All: Yes 
  • Repeat Chapter: Yes 
  • Repeat Title: Yes 
  • Repeat Track: Yes 
  • Resume - Power Off: Yes (BD, DVD, CD) 
  • Resume - Stop: Yes 

Center Speaker
  • Enclosure Type (Bass Reflex/Acoustic suspension/Passive radiator/others): Bass Reflex
  • Full Range Unit: 65mm 
  • Input Terminal: Pig Tail 
  • Rated impedance: 6ohms 
  • Speaker System: 1 way 
  • Speaker Unit: 1 unit 
  • Supplied Cable Length: 2m 
  • Type (Tall boy, Micro satellite): Center
Front Speaker
  • Enclosure Type (Bass Reflex/Acoustic suspension/Passive radiator/others): Bass Reflex
  • Full Range Unit: 65mm 
  • Input Terminal: Pig Tail 
  • Rated impedance: 3 ohms 
  • Speaker System: 1 way 
  • Speaker Unit: 1 unit 
  • Supplied Cable Length: 3m 
  • Type (Tall boy, Micro satellite): Micro Satellite
  • Active/Passive: Passive 
  • Enclosure Type (Bass Reflex/Acoustic suspension/Passive radiator/others): Bass Reflex
  • Input Terminal: Pig Tail 
  • Rated impedance: 6 ohms 
  • Speaker System: Subwoofer 
  • Speaker Unit: 1 unit 
  • Supplied Cable Length: 3m 
  • Woofer unit: 180mm
Surround Speaker
  • Enclosure Type (Bass Reflex/Acoustic suspension/Passive radiator/others): Bass Reflex
  • Full Range Unit: 65mm 
  • Rated impedance: 3 ohms 
  • Speaker System: 1 way 
  • Speaker Unit: 1 unit 
  • Supplied Cable Length: 10m 
  • Type (Tall boy, Micro satellite): Micro Satellite 
Supported Media

Audio Format
  • AAC (.m4a): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB) 
  • DTS: Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB) 
  • LPCM (.wav): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB) 
  • MP3 (.mp3): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB) 
  • MP3 ID3 Tag V1.1 Support: Yes 
  • MP3 ID3 Tag V2.0 Support with Text Info Only: Yes 
  • MP3 ID3 Tag unicode support: Yes 
  • MPEG-2 Audio: Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB) 
  • WMA Tags: Yes 
  • WMA9 Standard (.wma): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)
  • BD-R: Yes (SL/DL) 
  • BD-RE: Yes (SL/DL)
  • BD-R: Yes (SL/DL) 
  • BD-RE: Yes (SL/DL)
Hybrid Disc
  • BD/CD: Yes 
  • BD/DVD: Yes
Mixed Disc
Photo Format
  • GIF (.gif): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB) 
  • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB) 
  • PNG (.png): Yes (BD, DVD, CD, USB)

  • HD (24Hz) (24p True Cinema): Yes 
  • HD (60Hz): Yes 
  • HD 24Hz to 60Hz conversion: Yes 
  • SD (60Hz): Yes
  • DVD 24p output: Yes 
  • NTSC/PAL (60Hz/50Hz): Yes (NTSC) 
  • TV Type Default Setting: Yes
Video Output - BD-ROM
  • HDMI: Yes
Video Output - DVD - Video
  • HDMI: Yes
Video Output - DVD R/RW BD R/RE non copy protected
  • HDMI: Yes
Video Output - DVD Upscaling
  • HDMI: Yes 
  • 3D
  • 2D to 3D: Yes 
  • BD-ROM: Yes 
  • Photo: Yes 
  • Streaming: Yes 
  • Video (from camcorder): Yes
Picture Upscale
  • IP Content Noise Reduction: Yes 
  • Super Scaler (Precision CinemaHD upscale): Yes
Approximate Dimensions:
  • Front Speaker (W x H x D): 3.5" x 8" x 3.5"
  • Center Speaker (W x H x D): 9.4" x 3.5" x 3.3"
  • Surround Speaker (W x H x D): 3.5" x 8" x 3.5"
  • Subwoofer (W x H x D): 10" x 14.3" x 13.5"
  • Receiver (W x H x D): 16.9" x 1.9" x 11.6"

One Year Warranty