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Sony KDL-40VE5

KDL40VE5 40 Inch Full HD 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

This model is no longer available.
  • This model is no longer available.
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Sony's VE series BRAVIA LCDs set a new standard for energy-efficient operation, sporting a wide range of technologies, including a Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp backlight, LightSensor backlight optimization, Dynamic Backlight Control, and a Presence Sensor. Enhancing the panel's full HD 1080p video performance, Motionflow 120Hz processing serves up fast-action sports and movies with improved fluidity and realism. Meanwhile, four HDMI inputs offer ample, advanced HD connectivity.

What's included in the box

A first in Green LCD performance . . . Sony's Eco panel
A little-known fact: as long as it's plugged in, your HDTV is consuming power . . . even if the panel's turned off. It's true. Modern HDTVs enter a "standby mode" when their power is turned off, a state that keeps them ready for fast initialization the next time you sit down to watch a show, but that also continues to draw energy. Understandably, these "standby" modes really cramp your efforts to improve your home's energy efficiency.

The Green light on efficient operation
In the case of HDTVs, an ENERGY STAR qualification has historically meant that a panel meets criteria for energy-efficient operation in "standby mode" only. But there's a new ENERGY STAR in town . . . ENERGY STAR 3.0, which rates HDTVs based on energy use during operation. We've been boasting of the Sony VE5 series' energy-efficiency prowess, and we think this summarizes our case nicely: VE5 Eco panels reduce power consumption by up to 65% over ENERGY STAR 3.0 requirements.

Smooth sports, seamless action . . . Motionflow 120Hz
Thanks to your KDL-40VE5's Motionflow technology, your home theater room is the new ring-side favorite. Using 120Hz processing, Motionflow technology is able to serve up the fast action of sports and movies with a "there-in-person" level of smoothness and realism. Five-hit combos are no longer a blur of glove and arm, nor chase scenes a streak of tire and chrome.

This engine runs on Ones and Zeros
The KDL-40VE5 uses nothing less than an engine. Sony's BRAVIA Engine 2 technology is a fully digital video processor that employs a collection of unique algorithms to significantly reduce video "noise" and produce sharp, vibrant, lifelike images through which a 1080p-resolution panel reaches its full potential.

Film, from start to finish
Way out west in Tinseltown, your favorite films are recorded at 24 frames per second. Unfortunately, most television content is recorded at 30fps, so most televisions are designed to display motion pictures at this speed. Until now, the solution has been to interpolate, or add, artificial scenes into 24fps content in order to "stretch" it to fit a TV's 30fps capability. Recent demands on the part of movie lovers for an authentic home-cinema experience have lead to technological advancements making a 24fps experience possible at home. High definition video like that recorded onto Blu-ray Disc contains 24p (or, progressive-scan 24fps video content) that brings true film into your home.

Contrast — Advanced and enhanced
Your flat panel HDTV and a poorly lit alley are not the same thing. "Well, duh", you might say, but we're serious. Whereas, with good reason, you might not want to see what's lurking in a dark alley's shadows, when it comes to watching video on your HDTV, you do want to be able to see every detail (hence, high definition), even in dark or shadowy scenes. Using real-time image processing to dynamically adjust backlight levels, the KDL-40VE5's Advanced Contrast Enhancer reproduces improved contrast for deep blacks in darker scenes and fine detail in shadows, revealing all the details that the director intended for you to see. Now, if the movie you're watching has a scene with a poorly lit alley . . .

As a leader in products with HDMI connectivity, Sony has created BRAVIA Theatre Sync technology to go beyond simple audio and video transmission. When you combine your new KDL-40VE5 with a select number of other BRAVIA audio and video products, control functions will also be transmitted via the HDMI cable. With "One Touch Play", operations that took several steps are reduced to one. Press the PLAY button on the remote, watch the audio and/or the video component(s) turn on then the BRAVIA KDL-40VE5 television will turn on and switch to the correct video input...Simple...Easy...BRAVIA Theatre Sync.

Achieve advanced connectivity
The advent of HDMI has been monumental in the advancement of all your favorite audio and video gadgets. Don't miss out on all that your new KDL-40VE5 offers — in terms of high-definition audio and video connectivity — by leaving a set of HDMI cables off the


Comparison Specifications

• Screen size: 40" LCD display / 1920 x 1080p resolution

• Aspect ratio: Widescreen 16:9

• Viewing angle: 178° x 178°

• Progressive features: Motionflow 120Hz processing / 24p True Cinema

• Best video inputs: 4 HDMI

• Other inputs: 2 component video / 2 composite video / 1 S-video / 1 USB 2.0 / 1 PC / 1 USB 1.1 (service) / 5 analog audio / 1 RF

• Audio enhancements: SRS TruSurround XT / Dolby Digital / SteadySound automatic volume control

• Built-in speakers: 10W x 2

• Mounting options: Table-top stand included / VESA 300mm x 300mm compatible

• Remote control: RM-YD028 remote control included

Additional Specifications

• Outputs: 1 digital optical audio / 1 audio

• Efficiency: ENERGY STAR 3.0 qualified

• Efficiency: High-efficiency HCFL backlight / Dynamic Backlight control / LightSensor technology

• Efficiency: Presence Sensor

• BRAVIA Engine 2

• Dynamic contrast ratio: 100,000:1

• Tuners: NTSC / ATSC / QAM

• Support for MP3 audio and JPEG photos via USB

• BRAVIA Link capable / BRAVIA Sync capable

• Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) / CineMotion Reverse 3:2 Pulldown technology

Manufacturer Specifications

• Picture modes: Vivid / Standard / Cinema / Custom / Photo-Vivid, Standard, Original, Custom

• Game Mode

• Sound modes: Clear Voice / Dynamic / Custom / Standard

• Video-signal compatibility: 1080/60p / 1080/60i / 1080/24p / 720/60p / 480/60p / 480/60i

• Convenience features: Auto Photo Mode / Auto Shut-off / Channel Block / Channel jump / Channel labels / Channel surf / Edit channel labels / Favorite channel

• Convenience features: Favorites menu / ID-1 detection / Info banner / Input skip / Label inputs / Multible language display / On-screen clock

Product Wiki

Extended Warranty

1-year limited parts and labor warranty



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