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Bowers and Wilkins PANORAMA

Digital Sound Projector

This model is no longer available.
  • This model is no longer available.
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Bowers & Wilkins PANORAMA Bring the excitement of cinema-like surround sound to your living room with Panorama - the best TV sound bar money can buy. Easy to install, and simple to connect to a whole range of home entertainment devices, Panorama will transform your TV into a powerful home theatre system, making movies, music and games sound better than ever before. And all from just one streamlined speaker.

What's included in the box

A sound bar for music lovers

Music is important. You know it, we know it. After all, we wouldn’t have spent more than 40 years developing and refining some of the world’s most advanced acoustic technologies if we didn’t feel passionate about music. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise to learn that Panorama isn’t just a great speaker for movies and games. It performs brilliantly as a stereo music player too. Far from compromising on music-playing ability, we’ve made sure that Panorama benefits from the same technologies featured in our audiophile hi fi speakers. Whether you’re into Mozart or Metallica, Panorama will take your enjoyment of music to a whole new level.

From the studio to your living room
The advanced technologies that make Panorama such a good stereo performer are used every day by recording studios all over the world to monitor the recording of music. Panorama shares many features with B&W’s legendary 800 Series speaker, used by Abbey Road Studios as their reference speaker of choice since the early 1980s. Sound engineers depend on the speaker for its near-flawless reproduction, safe in the knowledge that what they hear in the studio is as close as possible to what the musicians are playing. With Panorama, you can bring the same painstaking attention to acoustic detail out of the studio and into your own home.
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Connect to anything
It’s easy to connect any kind of music-playing device to Panorama, making it the hub of your music-playing life. Simply plug your CD player or MP3 player into the sound bar and you’re ready to go. Panorama will even link to wireless base stations, so you can stream music remotely from your PC. And the best part is that, because Panorama is a stand-alone speaker with its own internal amplification, there’s no need for any separate amplifier, or any other external accessories. Simplicity itself.


Technical features    
Digital Signal Processing
Digital amplifier
Switch mode power supply
Description    Integrated A/V Sound System
Decodes    Dolby Digital
Dolby PLII
AAC-Mpeg2 (Japan Only)
Drive units    2x 90mm (3.5 in) subwoofers
2x 90mm (3.5 in) subwoofers
4x 75mm (3.0 in) surround channels
1x 25mm (1 in) metal dome tweeter
Frequency range    -6dB at 36Hz and 50kHz
Amplifier power output    1x 50W (subwoofers)
5x 25W (center/ surround)
Power input voltage    100V 120V ~ 50/60Hz
220V 240V ~ 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption    32W
Standby power consumption    <0.7W
Inputs    2 x optical digital Toslink
1 x electrical digital Coax (RCA Phono)
2 x Analogue (RCA Phono)
3.5mm mini jack: RS-232 service Connector
Outputs    Subwoofer pre out (RCA Phono)
Height    130mm (5.11 in)
Width    1090mm (42.91 in)
Depth    186mm (7.32 in)
Gross weight    14.1kg
Enclosure    Mirror black stainless steel skin

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Extended Warranty

  • B&W Panorama 5.1 Sound Bar including a free two year warranty



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