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Rotel RKP200
wall mounted Keypad
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The RKP-200 Keypad and RHB-200 Connecting Hub provide an integrated system that allows control of Rotel multi-zone systems from wall mounted keypads in remote zones.

What's included in the box

  • Multi-function Buttons
  • IR Sensor
  • Output Connector
  • Input Connector
  • DIP Switches
  • RESET Button

• Programmed to operate Rotel multi-zone receivers,
DVD players, CD players, and AM/FM
• Learning function to teach the RKP-200 commands
from other remotes. Multi-step SMART
programming for automatic sequences.
• System allows control from up to four zones.
• Two identically programmed keypads can be
installed in each zone.
• Built-in IR sensor allows each keypad to receive
commands from a handheld remote.
• Backlighting for use in dark rooms whenever
a button is pressed.
• Durable laser-etched buttons with permanent
labels. Optional buttons provide alternate labels.
• Cloning feature for easy duplication of the entire
command set from one RKP-200 to another.