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McIntosh XLS112
Powered Subwoofer
This model is no longer available.
Availability: This model is no longer available.
Shipping: Free expedited delivery within 2 or less business days. Professional installation service available in Houston, Dallas and Austin. Call us at 800-877-2900 for more details.
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The XL S112 is compact yet powerful, housing a McIntosh 400 watt amplifier complete with Power GuardTM. The 12" woofer provides effortless, deep bass extension. The aluminum enclosure is strong, light and antiresonant.

What's included in the box

Product Details: Features

The XLS112 Powered Subwoofer is compact yet powerful, housing a McIntosh 400 Watt amplifier. The 12” woofer provides effortless, deep bass extension.


Combining the Bessel Tweeter Array with a new and exceedingly precise crossover, McIntosh Loudspeaker Engineers established a structure able to generate a realistic sound image throughout the listening room. This determines the “voice” or sound character of the speaker and is the foundation of the family of

XLS loudspeakers.


McIntosh woofers and midranges feature the patented LD/HP motor structure. This design utilizes aluminum shorting rings at both ends of the pole piece to extend and linearise the magnetic field around the voice coil. Distortion is reduced by 10dB or more. These rings also increase voice coil heat dissipation and the power handling of the speaker.


XLS speaker grills are black acoustic fabric with side trim options of brushed champagne, red cherry, natural cherry and black ash.

Product Details: Specifications

Power Amp Output
400W sine wave continuous power

Total Harmonic Distortion

0.03% max harmonic distortion from 250 milliwatts to 400 watts

Weighted S/N Ratio

100dB below rated output

Input Sensitivity

0.4V for rated output


Power Requirements

120V, 50/60Hz at 5A


Low Pass Filter

40-120Hz variable with knob on rear panel


Level Control

Variable level control with knob on rear panel


Phase Control

0 or 180 with switch on rear panel



Balanced an Unbalanced In/Out


Driver Size



Dimensions (H x W x D)

15-1/2 "  (38.1cm) x 15"  (38cm) x 15" (38cm)



95 lbs. (43.1kg) net