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What is S-Video?

Separate Video, commonly known as S-Video and also known as Y/C, is an analog video signal that carries the video data as two separate signals, luma (luminance) and chroma (color). This differs from composite video which carries picture information as a single lower-quality signal, and component video which carries picture information as three separate higher-quality signals. S-Video carries standard definition video (typically at 480i or 576i resolution), but does not carry audio on the same cable. This connection is seldom used on today’s electronics, having been surpassed by connections with the ability to carry better resolution.

S-Video Technology

S-Video is commonly used throughout the world. It is found on consumer TVs , DVD players , high-end video cassette recorders , Digital TV receivers, DVRs , and game consoles. S-Video was developed as an interface for the Super VHS (S-VHS) consumer videotape format. S-Video carries a standard definition only video signal on a 4 or 7 pin mini-DIN connectors using a 75 ohm impedance. S-video, which stands for Separated Video or Super Video is a specialized type of analog video signal that is capable of carrying video data in two different signals.

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