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What are Sound Bar Speakers?

Sound Bar Speakers create a beautiful sound from a single cabinet due to their loudspeaker enclosure construction. Sound bar technology allows for the placement of all of the speakers needed for a home theater (except for the subwoofer) to be placed in a single cabinet which can be wall mounted or placed on a stand below a TV. Sound bars are designed with the speakers having the ability to be pointed to different areas so that sound reflections can be used to do the work of front, side, or back speakers.

Because the speakers in a sound bar are typically small a subwoofer is beneficial to fill in the low frequency range which might not be reproduced by the sound bar itself. Many sound bars function as surround sound receivers as well as they have the amplifiers inside to power each of the speakers and the connections on the back that will duplicate those in a true surround sound receiver. Sound bars are ideal for smaller living areas and bedrooms for the consumer who prefers not to have any wires visible.

Sound Bar Benefits

The Sound Bar speaker is a fairly new innovation in the home theater world and in seeing their popularity increase. Your typical home theater speaker system consists of five loudspeakers, a subwoofer or two, and lots and lots of speaker wire where as a Home Theatre Sound Bar is a single housing, about 38-inches long, that includes Left, Center, and Right channel speakers housed in one speaker cabinet. The Sound Bar can either be placed on your existing multimedia furniture or a bracket mount.

A Sound Bar Speaker packs allot of sound and technology. It simplifies connection to any of your Home Theater Components while still giving you great Cinema Sound. Sound Bars are cost effective as well.

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