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What is SUHD?

UHD is the official industry term for Ultra High Definition, which is the less-popular way to say "4K." So what is "S" UHD? Super UHD? Spectacular UHD? Sassy UHD? Perhaps just Samsung UHD?

Samsung's official answer is that the S doesn't stand for a specific word. Samsung reserves the 'S' (in SUHD) identification for their flagship products that change the game, like the groundbreaking 2015 SUHD TV portfolio or their Galaxy S and so on.

SUHD is nothing more than a high-end 2015 Samsung LCD TV with 4K/UHD resolution and a specific set of features.

In an effort to curtail this latest bout of marketing obfuscation, however, we first wanted to make it clear that unlike, say, plasma or OLED TV, "SUHD" is not a separate display technology.

At their heart, SUHD TVs all utilize LCD technology. Specifically, they are allLED-backlit LCD televisions with Ultra HD 4K resolution. And most havecurved screens.

Like many of the new high-end TVs this year, Samsung's "SUHD" models have several new features that could improve the picture quality of LCD.



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