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What are Video cables?

HDMI stands for "High-Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI cables are what you use to connect your high-definition equipment together, whether it be the television and HD cable receiver or a Blu-Ray player. HDMI cables are manufactured to conform to different versions of the specification. HDMI has become the dominant cable used to connect video and audio equipment to televisions as they carry both uncompressed digital audio and video simultaneously. The HDMI cable is the only connection available that will carry the 1080P signal from DVD players and some satellite equipment as well as the latest digital sound formats from Dolby Digital and DTS. Other types of video cables such as Composite Video, S-Video, and Component Video are still used for numerous applications but do not afford the picture or sound reproduction that can be achieved by the use of a good HDMI cable.

Why use HDMI Cables

Optimized HDMI cables boast picture-perfect 1080p digital video and brilliant, eight-channel digital sound, enhancing your home-theater experience to the max. HDMI offers the same all-digital signal transfer for audio signal. HDMI offers the same all-digital signal transfer for audio signals — up to eight simultaneous channels of high-resolution audio, that is — and it does so within the same single cable/connector configuration. Optimized HDMI cables make it easy and affordable to integrate your computer into your home theater.

Bottom line is that HDMI Cables have become industry standard for all HD electronics. HDMI Cables bring perfect sound and image clarity.

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