Bowers & Wilkins CM4 Floor Standing Speaker

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The CM4 is a 2 1/2 -way floor-standing speaker finished in a choice of two real wood veneers - Maple and Rosenut. The brushed aluminium baffle emphasises the clean, modern design approach.

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Product NameBowers & Wilkins CM4 Floor Standing Speaker

The CM4 is a 2 1/2 - way floor-standing speaker completed in a decision of two genuine wood facade - Maple and Rosenut. The brushed aluminum perplex underscores the spotless, present day configuration approach.

The thin floor-standing CM4 includes additional bass expansion just as settling fine detail, and can arrive at higher yield levels for the bigger room. Cylinder stacking the tweeter guarantees far more prominent assimilation of undesirable radiation from the back of the stomach. The subsequent impact is to make a more engaged and common high recurrence sound. The bass unit is produced using aluminum, which was chosen for its amazing firmness and capacity to work as a cylinder. Twin Flowports at the back of the bureau have surfaces dimpled like a golf ball to smooth the wind current and diminish choppiness. The lower Flowport is essentially shaped with the terminal plate.

Nautilus™ Tweeter: B&W's Nautilus Tweeter innovation guarantees that the sound stays centered and time-touchy and that the sound system picture is given unmatched three dimensional precision.

Kevlar®: B&W created and licensed the strategy for utilizing Kevlar® for amplifier cones to diminish undesirable standing waves. DuPont initially made Kevlar® for use in impenetrable vests.

Flowport™: Golf ball streamlined features hypothesis focuses the path towards lower twisting reflex ports. Dimples improve the manner in which the wind streams over the outside of any article. On account of reflex ports, they offer a critical improvement over essentially flaring the port finishes in diminishing wind current disturbance at each finish of the port; so you get less chuffing clamor and less pressure at high stable levels.

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