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Progressive Scan Output: The DVD-2800 backings the Progressive sweep framework, and additionally the ordinary Interlace check framework. Rather than part every video outline into two consecutive fields like entwined check, dynamic output shows the whole casing in a solitary breadth. Where a standard DVD player's 480i yield shows 30 outlines (60 fields) every second, a dynamic sweep player's 480p yield shows 60 full edges for every second. Dynamic output picture quality is more film-like, with all the more fine detail and less glimmer. Dynamic output seeing requires a "HDTV-prepared" TV. The dynamic sweep yield is brought through the Component Video Output.

PureProgressive Circuit: The DVD-2800 is the primary DVD video player to help Silicon Image's Progressive Converter, equipped for the most elevated standard of I/P transformation in the business. This Progressive Converter is equipped for preparing 6 billion activities for each second, offering reality to the accompanying superior. Since PureProgressive is likewise capable at 3:2 pulldown recognition, which changes over Film recording mode to TV/Video play-back mode, and recognizing Video mode signs of DVD-Video and other moving picture positions, PureProgressive is equipped for duplicating DVD-Video plates containing both Film mode and Video mode signals, and high picture quality Progressive video sources, while staying away from the flashing caused by location delays. In recognizing moving video flags, the traditional Progressive strategy performs recognition in single edge units, while PureProgressive stores 4 fields of video motions in a 64-Mbit SDRAM cushion, empowering the identification of single-pixel units to accomplish more prominent exactness in segregating among moving and still pictures. In 3:2 pulldown preparing, which changes over 24-fps Film mode into 60-fps TV/Video mode, there are cases in which 3:2 pulldown match up signs are not in a state of harmony. The PureProgressive converter consequently rapidly identifies the non-consecutive focuses and performs fitting remedial measures at fast to limit picture glimmering.

Exceedingly Rigid Chassis and Hybrid Loader Mechanism: The DVD-2800 fuses a middle component mount that is fundamentally entirely steady, and the system's cover guarantees that vibration from the drive does not impact flag hardware. The DVD-2800's unbending skeleton is built of a 15-mm thick front board, a 1.6-mm thick drive component, a 1-mm thick best cover, and a 1.2-mm thick fundamental case to altogether stifle inner and outer vibration and safeguard flag honesty. The plate loader includes a unique mixture development of formed plastic and metal that further assimilates vibration for totally stable circle playback.

Super Sub Alias Filter: The DVD-2800 utilizations a Super Sub Alias Filter for the computerized channel to improve picture quality. This channel accomplishes lessening attributes of - 3 dB in the ultra-high recurrence band when the flat picture is 6.25 MHz. Indeed, even at 8.25 MHz, the clear external limit of DVD-Video, the lessening trademark anchored is above - 60 dB, guaranteeing a ultra-high picture quality with prevalent level line goals.

HDCD Decoder: HDCD is a computerized chronicle innovation, perfect with the ordinary CD organize, that altogether diminishes contortion amid account to grow the dynamic range and acknowledge high goals. The HDCD decoder permits the DVD-2800 to play plates that have been recorded in HDCD arrange and to draw out the predominant sonic execution from these circles. Joined with Denon's propelled sound innovation, the DVD-2800 astonishingly duplicates HDCD's rich powerful range and excellent sound quality.

Video D/A Converter: The DVD-2800 utilizations a 54-MHz, 12-bit video D/A converter to steadfastly save the fragile low-level signs amid D/A change, bringing about an unrivaled picture with diminished advanced curios.

Sound D/A Converter: The DVD-2800 utilizations an exceptionally precise multi-bit Sigma Delta D/A converter with prevalent powerful range and S/N attributes. This converter gives a lot of help to the requesting 24-bit, 96-kHz examining signs of the DVD-Video arrange. The consolidation of a differential circuit in the yield organize and different highlights of the D/A converter guarantee that playback sound is of the most astounding quality conceivable. Note: If the DVD is copyright-secured, no advanced flag is yield except if changed over to 48kHz/16-bit. On the off chance that the DVD isn't copyright-secured, a 96kHz/24-bit computerized flag is yield.

MP3 Playback: This unit will play MP3 documents recorded onto CD-R and CD-RW circles utilizing the ISO 9660 arrangement. Despite the fact that the front board show won't indicate document names, the record names can be demonstrated utilizing the on-screen show. Amid MP3 playback, quick forward/turn around playback isn't accessible and tracks can't be played back in modified request. You can play documents in arbitrary request, and the DVD-2800 enables you to rehash the current record or the present organizer.

Part Video Output: notwithstanding the composite and S-video yields, this unit is furnished with an arrangement of segment video yields. At the point when associated with a TV with a part video input, the segment video yield of this unit will give picture shading and detail that is enhanced in respect to video from composite and S-video yields. The segment video yield might be set for joined or dynamic output task.

On-Screen Display: The on-screen menu dialect can be set to English, French, or Spanish. The presentation works for DVDs, Video CDs and sound CDs, giving you a chance to play out various capacities, including track programming.

V.S.S. (Virtual Surround Sound): The V.S.S. work gives the sound a feeling of development and enables you to accomplish encompass impacts when just front speakers are utilized. For plates with encompass signals, the V.S.S. work not just gives the sound extension, it additionally influences it to appear as though solid is originating from the sides, despite the fact that there are no speakers there.

Multi-Angle Display: This capacity enables you to pick the review edge of scenes that were shot from various diverse points. Note: This capacity is constrained to DVDs recorded with numerous camera edges.

Resume Play Memory Function: When the Stop catch is squeezed, that position is put away in the memory. At the point when the Play catch is squeezed in the wake of squeezing the Stop catch, playback resumes from the position where the plate was halted. The resume play memory work is dropped if the plate is opened or the Stop catch is squeezed a second time.

Program Play: Up to 30 tracks on a Video CD or a sound CD can be modified and played in any request. Note: The Program Play work does not work with DVDs or plates containing MP3 records.

Irregular Play: When playing a Video CD or a sound CD, you can play the tracks in arbitrary request. When playing a plate with MP3 documents, you can play the records in irregular request. Note: The Random Play work does not work with DVDs.

Rehash Play: "A-B Repeat" enables you to choose any part of a title, section, or track and play that divide over and again. When playing a DVD, you can rehash the current title or the present section. When playing a Video CD or a sound CD, you can rehash the current track or the whole plate.

Output Search: When playing a DVD, Video CD, or sound CD, there are four quick play speeds in the two bearings.

Moderate Motion: When playing a DVD or Video CD, you may push ahead through the program being played in one of two moderate movement speeds. When playing a DVD, you may go in reverse through the program being played in one of two moderate movement speeds.

Parental Control: This unit enables you to set playback limitations for DVDs utilizing Parental Control. Parental Control enables you to confine playback as per a foreordained dimension. You can choose a parental control rating from 0-8, which is ensured by a 4-digit secret phrase.

Plate Setup:

Exchange (DVD just): Allows you to choose the default sound dialect

Caption (DVD just): Allows you to choose the default caption dialect

Circle Menus: Allows you to choose the default plate menu dialect

OSD Setup:

OSD Language: Allows you to choose English, French, or Spanish as the on-screen show dialect

Backdrop: You can choose the foundation shading in stop mode or while playing a CD. You can pick Picture (demonstrates an industrial facility default realistic) or Blue (foundation shading is blue).

Video Setup:

Television Aspect (DVD just): Allows you to choose 4:3 Letter Box (consequently shows a wide screen DVD as letterboxed on an ordinary viewpoint proportion TV), 4:3 Pan Scan (naturally changes over a wide screen DVD to Pan and Scan when upheld by the DVD, else it is played in letter box design), or 16:9 (utilized when utilizing a wide-screen TV with a 16:9 proportion).

Television Type: Allows you to choose Multi, NTSC, or PAL. Select Multi when your TV is good with both the NTSC and PAL groups. NTSC signals are yield from the video yield jacks when circles recorded in NTSC design are played, and PAL signals are yield from the video yield jacks when plates recorded in PAL organize are played.

Video Out: You can choose Progressive or Interlaced, in light of the similarity of your TV

Sound Setup:

Advanced Out: Allows you to choose Normal, PCM, or Off. At the point when Normal is chosen, the unit yields an advanced flag when plates encoded with Dolby Digital or DTS are played. At the point when PCM is chosen, the unit yields a computerized flag when a DVD recorded in direct PCM is played. At the point when Off is chosen, no flag is passed however the computerized yields.

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