Stealth Acoustics Full Range, 2-Way Stereo Panel Single

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The Stealth Acoustics model SLR8G is a double channel, full-extend speaker framework that is most famously utilized with scattered sound frameworks since it can play both sound system channels as a solitary board. The has an inflexible edge that joins legitimately to standard auxiliary confining turns out to be totally undetectable after installation.  The paintable dynamic stomach face is clung to the casing of the speaker board, making a functioning zone encompassed by a steady mounting region.

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Product NameStealth Acoustics Full Range, 2-Way Stereo Panel Single

The SLR8G incorporates an acoustically coupled great, high-power 8" cone woofer and two straightforwardly coupled 25 mm neo-magnet high-recurrence engines. Progressed inside carbon fiber materials consider smooth recurrence augmentation to 20 kHz. At the point when the SLR8G is introduced in standard protected 2" x 4" confining and permitted to work in an entire 8 foot stud inlet, recurrence reaction under 45 Hz can be accomplished. The SLR8G contains free hybrid segments and assurance circuits (high-recurrence and low-recurrence segments) for each channel that consequently endless supply of over the top enhancer power.  This hearty speaker is intended to keep going as long as your home does.

The SLR8G may be introduced in either the divider or roof and on location completing alternatives incorporate latex paint, light backdrop, textures and chose surface coats. There is no requirement for uncommon vellums or other nonstandard wallboard completing materials. Progressed completing strategies, for example, Venetian mortar and select facade are upheld utilizing extraordinary procedures.

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