Lutron Electronics SPS-300LDH-RP Spacer Table Dimmer, Royal Plum

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Product Name Lutron Electronics SPS-300LDH-RP Spacer Table Dimmer, Royal Plum
Product Code SPS300LDHRP
MSRP Price 90.00
Manufacturer LUTRON
Width 5.9
Height 6.7
Product Depth 2.6

About the Lutron SPS-300LDH-RP 300W Spacer System Plug-In Lamp Dimmer

The Lutron SPS-300LDH-RP is a module light dimmer that offers a basic and advantageous contrasting option to in-divider dimmers. This unit is a thought answer for tenants who are not allowed to adjust the wiring in their loft or for the individuals who want to maintain a strategic distance from the problem of a perpetual in-divider establishment. This module dimmer introduces in a flash, requiring just a standard electrical outlet.

The unit is intended for use with table or floor lights and incorporates a six-foot string. On the off chance that you choose to change the lights in your home, the Lutron SPS-300LDH-RP can without much of a stretch be separated from the old installations and snared to the new lighting in short order. The unit can be preset to consequently swing on to your most loved light level. Levels would then be able to be tweaked utilizing the diminishing catches as an afterthought. Also, the unit can be worked by a Lutron remote control (sold independently) and is good with some all inclusive remote controls, expanding the straightforwardness and comfort of working the unit.

Outfit your home with the top of the line diminishing element at a low cost with the Lutron SPS-300LDH-RP.

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