Rotel RSDX-02 5CH Dolby Digital Receiver

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Rotel has been building award-winning audio/video components since 1961. We have become known throughout the hi-fi world as a company who delivers exceptional performance for a very modest investment. We’re also a “solution” brand. We strive to deliver components that not only outperform other products, but provide real home entertainment solutions. That’s why we’ve designed the RSDX-02. It’s the perfect choice for smaller family rooms, dens, summer homes, even a master bedroom or the kid’s rooms. RSDX-02 is a great solution for when you need a home theater system that is simple to operate and fits anywhere it’s needed. Put it on a shelf or in cabinet, plug in five speakers and optional subwoofer and you’ve got instant home theater without the intimidation provided by large complex systems and their incredibly difficult remote controls. Anyone can use it!

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Product NameRotel RSDX-02 5CH Dolby Digital Receiver

RSDX-02 is a surround-sound receiver with a built-in DVD player that can also handle DVD-A, CD’s, CDR’s and MP3 discs for the ultimate in movie and music convenience. It also displays JPEG picture files from your digital camera. All movie surround formats are supported including Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-Logic II, DTS, DTS-ES, and DTS Neo 6. With Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS Neo 6, or All Channel Stereo selected from the DAP mode (Digital Acoustic Processor) you can receive 5 channel surround sound from any stereo source. That’s right, you can play a stereo CD and have music enveloping you from all corners of the room for complete immersion in the recording.

RSDX-02 features two digital inputs (one coaxial and one toslink) to provide access to both cable TV and DSS (satellite) reception. Why both? In some areas customers want to have access to basic cable TV for all of the local stations while using DSS to access all of their premium movie and sports channels. There’s also a standard connection for your VCR to ensure maximum versatility. After all, you’re probably not ready to throw out your entire collection of movies and family memories from your VHS tapes just yet! To complete the well thought out versatility of this system, the RSDX-02 includes S-Video connections and a component video output to preserve total picture fidelity to your TV. (The European version of the RSDX-02 is equipped with SCART inputs / outputs for optimal per formance and ease of installation).

RSDX-02 follows Rotel’s Balanced Design philosophy with solid engineering to maintain the highest possible per formance in an all-in-one chassis. The RSDX-02 is rated at 80 watts RMS (FL, FR, Center, RL, RR at 8 ohms, 40Hz – 20kHz) to ensure realistic playback dynamics of all your favorite action movies. The tuner section provides 30 FM and 15 AM presets to offer instant access to preferred radio stations. The included RR-1070 remote gives easy armchair control of all functions. RSDX-02 is designed to be used with smaller bookshelf, satellite / subwoofer combinations, in-wall, or in-ceiling speakers. It then becomes a completely discreet home theater system with a larger-than-life sound that will surprise your family and guests.

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