Classe Sigma AMP2 Two Channel Amplifier

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SKU Classe Sigma AMP2 Two Channel Amplifier

The Sigma arrangement AMP2 is a 200W/Ch sound system speaker using exchanging advances for both force gracefully and intensification stages. A Classé-planned switch mode power gracefully with Power Factor Correction makes over 1,000W of perfect and stable force accessible while being both minimized and effective. Another class D speaker geography gives wide powerful range, smooth and expanded recurrence reaction and rich consonant detail to yield dazzling sonic execution. The proficiency of class D includes effectiveness, low warmth scattering and generally little size to the rundown of the AMP2's traits.

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Product NameClasse Sigma AMP2 Two Channel Amplifier
MSRP Price3500.00
All tests un-weighted and 20Hz – 20kHz measurement bandwidth used.
Frequency response   10Hz – 20kHz, -1dB into 4Ω
Output power   200W rms into 8Ω 400W rms into 4Ω
Harmonic Distortion   <0.018% @ 1kHz Balanced Input
Peak Output Voltage   116V peak to peak, 41V RMS no load
116V peak to peak, 41V RMS into 8Ω
Input Impedance   100kΩ Balanced / 50kΩ SE
Voltage gain   29 dB
Input level at clipping   1.4Vrms Balanced/SE
  >80 dB below fundamental into 8Ω Balanced
Signal to Noise Ratio   -100 dB at peak output into 8Ω (AES17)
Rated power
  177W @ 1/8th power into 4Ω
Mains voltage   100V - 240V, 50/60Hz
Overall Dimensions   Width: 17.00" (433mm)
Depth (excluding connectors): 14.57" (370mm)
Height: 3.75" (95mm)
Net weight   22.0 lb (9.97 kg)
Shipping weight   28.0 lb (12.70 kg)
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