Sony HAP-Z1ES High-Resolution Audio HDD player

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Imagine hearing your favorite tracks in unmatched clarity and richness. The HAP-Z1ES HDD Audio Player is the perfect addition to your Hi-Fi setup, with a Direct Stream Digital (DSD) Re-mastering Engine that elevates all your music. A 1 TB hard disc, has space for all your music, letting you hear it all as it was meant to be heard.

The HAP-Z1ES supports High-Resolution Audio formats such as DSD, FLAC, WAV, and ALAC, as well as compressed formats like MP3, AAC, ATRAC, and WMA, restoring their quality closer to that of the original.

Analog to digital sound at a high sample rate

For exceptional accuracy and detail, High-Resolution Audio converts analog to digital at 24 bit / 96 Hz — much higher than CDS, and analog FIR filters operate at the frequency of DSD.


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Product Name Sony HAP-Z1ES High-Resolution Audio HDD player
Product Code HAPZ1ES
MSRP Price 1999.99
Manufacturer Sony

Music Sources

1TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD): The Sony HAP-Z1ES HDD Audio Player includes an inherent 1TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) which enables you to exchange and store high-goals sound documents, (for example, DSD) and different arrangements of music records, (for example, MP3 and FLAC) from your PC to the Sony HAP-Z1ES, and CD tearing from an outer USB plate drive. The HDD Audio Player can deal with up to 40,000 music records. You can likewise interface an outer hard plate drive by means of USB to the EXT port on the back board of the HAP-Z1ES for extra storage room. The music documents exchanged from your PC to the outer hard circle drive can be played similarly as music records put away in the interior hard plate drive of the unit. You can see the status of the interior or outside HDD.

Limit: The aggregate limit of the hard circle drive is shown.

Utilized: The utilized space of the hard circle drive is shown. The utilized space in the hard circle drive won't be 0GB notwithstanding when you have not exchanged any documents, in light of the fact that the pre-introduced test tracks and the framework utilize some space in the hard plate drive.

Free: The free space of the hard circle drive is shown.

System Connectivity: You can exchange music records from your PC to the Sony HAP-Z1ES by interfacing both to a similar home system, either by a wired or remote association. The HAP-Z1ES is fitted with an Ethernet (RJ-45) port for a wired association and highlights worked in WiFi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) for remote network. By associating the unit to your home system you can exchange music documents from your PC to the HAP-Z1ES. The accompanying framework condition is required to utilize the system capacity of this collector.

Broadband Line Connection: A Broadband line association with the Internet is required with the end goal to tune in to choose online music administrations.

Modem: This is the gadget that is associated with the broadband line to speak with the Internet. A portion of these gadgets are coordinated with the switch.

Switch: Use a switch perfect with 100 Mbps or more noteworthy transmission speed to appreciate content on your home system. 802.11 b/g/n perfect remote switch for WiFi association (2.4GHz as it were).

LAN Cable (CAT5): A LAN link (CAT5) is required for designed association.

WiFi Security: None, WEP, WPA/WPA2-PSK (AES), or WPA/WPA2-PSK (TKIP).

HAP Music Transfer: HAP Music Transfer is a free downloadable application that exchanges music records put away in your Windows or Mac PC to the Sony HDD Audio Player. Notwithstanding broadly utilized document designs, (for example, MP3), HAP Music Transfer enables you to exchange non-packed and High-Resolution Audio records, for example, 192kHz/24-bit and DSD (Direct Stream Digital) document positions. You can choose various organizers (up to 100) in which music records are saved money on your PC, and after that move them in a group to the HAP-Z1ES. In the event that you turn on the programmed exchange work, your PC will naturally begin exchanging music records to the HAP-Z1ES when new music documents are included to the assigned envelope your PC; this should likewise be possible physically. You can likewise utilize this application to erase music records from the gadget.

Upheld Audio Formats: The Sony HAP-Z1ES HDD Audio Player bolsters the exchange and capacity of the accompanying top notch and standard-definition music documents (2ch just) that are put away and oversaw on your Windows or Mac PC.

Multipurpose USB Port: The Sony HAP-Z1ES is outfitted with a back board USB-A port the can be utilized for a number things. It enables you to associate an outside HDD, a USB circle drive, or a USB DAC. You can even associate each of the three with a USB center point.

Outer HDD: You can likewise interface an outside hard plate drive to the HAP-Z1ES's back board USB-A port for extra storage room.

Album Ripping: Via a firmware refresh, the Sony HAP-Z1ES presently bolsters CD tearing from an outer USB plate drive. Essentially associate your USB circle drive to the unit's back board USB-A port.

USB DAC: Connect an outside USB DAC (computerized to-simple converter), utilizing the HAP-Z1ES's back board USB-A port.

Enrolled Music File Information: The Sony HAP-Z1ES investigates the ID3 label data, a sort of music data metadata contained in music records, and registers the documents to particular classifications (Genres, Artists, Albums, and, Tracks). On the off chance that music records don't contain ID3 labels or if any of the data is feeling the loss of, the HAP-Z1ES consequently gets to the Gracenote server on the Internet and acquires music data. WAV documents don't contain ID3 label data. These documents are enlisted in the accompanying classes (Unknown Genre, Unknown Artist, Unknown Album, and Tracks) with their record names.

Programmed Playlists + Favorites: The Sony HDD Audio Player naturally makes the accompanying playlists - Newly Add Tracks, Most Played Tracks, and Least Played Tracks. You can likewise make, alter, and play playlists utilizing Sony's HDD Audio Remote application on your perfect Apple iOS or Android gadget. You can make up to 100 playlists with 1,000 tracks each. You can likewise recognize particular music records as "Top picks", so the entirety of your most loved music is in one area.

SensMe Channels: "SensMe Channels" is a component of the HAP-Z1ES that breaks down and consequently sorts music tracks as indicated by their state of mind and beat utilizing the 12 Tone Analysis innovation created by Sony. You can appreciate channels that suit your disposition or the time. You can choose from the accompanying channels - Morning, Daytime, Evening, Night, Midnight, Energetic, Relax, Upbeat, Mellow, Lounge, Emotional, Dance, and Extreme.

Irregular/Repeat Playback Modes: You can play tracks in an arbitrary request (rearrange play). You can choose a setting of Off, Tracks, or Albums. In the event that you select Albums, the request of the collections will be rearranged yet the request of the tracks in every collection won't. You can likewise play tracks over and over (rehash play). You can choose a setting of Off, 1 Track, or All tracks.

Play Queue Screen: The "Play Queue" screen is a rundown of all tracks as of now chose to be played, for example, all tracks by a specific craftsman or in a specific collection.

Gapless Playback: When the Gapless Playback work is set to "Auto", the HDD Audio Player has tracks without the quiet influence between tracks. This is helpful for playing collections of shows or other unrecorded music. The Gapless Playback work works with WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, and WMA Lossless music document positions. The unit additionally offers Gapless playback for DSD music records (requires firmware refresh).

Online Music Sources: The Sony HDD Audio Player gives access to TuneIn web radio and Spotify Connect online music benefit (Spotify Connect requires firmware refresh).

TuneIn: TuneIn empowers you to find, pursue and tune in to an assortment of substance - from games, to news, to music, to talk. TuneIn gives audience members access to more than 100,000 genuine radio stations and in excess of four million digital broadcasts gushing from each landmass.

Spotify Connect (firmware refresh will be accessible the mid year of 2016): The HAP-Z1ES bolsters Spotify Connect. In the event that you buy in to Spotify Premium and have the Spotify App on your Apple iOS or Android cell phone, you can stream the Spotify online music administration to the Sony HDD Audio Player. Spotify is a computerized music benefit that gives you on-request access to one of the biggest music libraries on the planet (more than 15 million tracks and checking). Spotify makes it less demanding than any time in recent memory to find, oversee, and share music with your companions. You can peruse music by craftsman, collection, track, or most well known; and make your very own music library with altered playlists.

Media Server: Via the most recent firmware refresh, the Sony HDD Audio Player can go about as a DLNA media server so you can stream music out to other DLNA-consistent gadgets and players.

Sound Section

DSD Re-Mastering Engine: This perfect D/A transformation framework joins a superior DSP and FPGA (field programmable door exhibit) to change over all signs to 128 FS DSD signals. It was planned dependent on know-how accumulated from Sony's immediate 8x over-testing and Extended SBM (Super Bit Mapping) innovation for expert chronicle. DSD re-acing is a selectable element.

Simple FIR Filters: The HAP-Z1ES's computerized to-simple converter successfully lessens high-recurrence commotion in DSD signals. It highlights free right and left channels, with four simple FIR (Finite Impulse Response) channels per channel delivering a joined one-clock delay. FIR channels are perfect for D/A transformation of DSD signals.

Twin Transformers and Low-Phase Noise Oscillator: For simple and computerized circuits, enormous and great transformers are utilized exclusively. This unit likewise utilizes a fluid gem oscillator with to a great degree low stage commotion to accomplish a ultra-clear solid.

Ultra-Rigid Chassis: The unit's ultra-unbending case (made out of edge and shafts) offers both high-accuracy mounting of parts and high inflexibility, accomplishing a high-devotion sound conveying a lot of data. Eminently, the base is made out of two plates of varying thickness that give strong help to the body. There are two extra base plates underneath the transformers also, offering powerful support that grapples the transformers immovably set up.

Computerized Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE): When the DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) work is set to "Auto" (processing plant default setting), the HDD Audio Player offers common and far reaching sound by reestablishing both high-recurrence flags and fine become dull sound that is probably going to be lost by pressure in compacted sound sources, or reestablishing fine grow dim sound that is probably going to be lost by quantization in PCM sound sources with lossless pressure.

Volume Normalization: If you set the Volume Normalization capacity to "Auto", the account level of tracks or collections is broke down when the music documents are exchanged and enlisted to the HAP-Z1ES, and the volume level is changed in accordance with limit the distinction in volume between each track or collection amid playback. Regardless of whether you play tracks from numerous collections with various volume levels in arbitrary request (rearrange play), this capacity prevents the volume from expanding or diminishing for various tracks, permitting characteristic change in volume amid playback.

Accuracy Mode: Precision Mode sidesteps the DSP motor for unique sound.

Adjusted and Unbalanced Outputs: The Sony HAP-Z1ES is fitted with both adjusted XLR and uneven RCA yields to associate the HDD Audio Player to your home AV recipient or incorporated intensifier. These yields are settled (not variable).

Accommodation Features

IR Remote: The Sony HAP-Z1ES HDD Audio Player incorporates a straightforward IR remote control for essential remote activity of the framework. Fundamental remote capacities incorporate - Power On/Off, Play/Pause, Fast Forward/Reverse and Previous/Next Track. Likewise, numerous Sony and different brands of recipients' remotes can be modified to work fundamental elements of the HAP-Z1ES. Propelled music route is done through the unit's front-board LCD and front-board controls, or from the HDD Audio Remote App on your good cell phone.

HDD Audio Remote App: The HDD Audio Remote App is a versatile application that enables you to work the Sony HAP-Z1ES utilizing your Apple iOS (6.0+) or Android (4.0+) gadget. You can download the application from the Apple App Store or GooglePlay for nothing. From your cell phone, you can remotely choose and play tracks, change playback volume, stop playback, and that's just the beginning. You can even make and alter playlists with your most loved tracks, and also alter music data of your tracks. You'll have the capacity to see a rundown of accessible music in select classifications, for example, Genres, Artists, Album, or Tracks on a similar screen and select the track you need to play. Collection workmanship, track name, craftsman name, and collection name are altogether shown on the application. By means of the most recent firmware refresh, you would now be able to duplicate put away music content on your Apple iOS or Android gadget to the Sony HAP-Z1ES's 1TB Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

Front-Panel LCD: The unit's front-board LCD shows the collection craftsmanship, track name, craftsman name, and collection name of your present music document. This data is additionally shown on the HDD Audio Remote application for your Apple iOS and Android gadget. The LCD additionally shows data, for example, the document arrange, inspecting recurrence, bit-width, and bit-rate. The splendor of the illuminated showcase can be set to Max, High, Mid, Low, or Off.

Rest Timer: When a particular time you set has slipped by, the Sony HAP-Z1ES is consequently killed. The Sleep Timer can be set for 30, 60, 90, or 120minutes.

Auto Standby: When you are not utilizing the HAP-Z1ES or there is no sound flag contribution to the unit for 20 minutes, the gadget will consequently kill and enter backup mode to decrease the power utilization.

Security Circuitry: If the HAP-Z1ES identifies an irregularity inside the unit, one of the accompanying messages shows up for around 5 seconds and after that the framework naturally enters the backup mode.

HDD Protector: The inside temperature of the HAP-Z1ES is too high. Kill the power and evacuate any articles covering the unit. Hold up until the point that the framework chills off adequately and afterward turn the power on once more.

USB Protector: An unusual current is being yield to the EXT port on the back of the HAP-Z1ES. Kill the power, affirm the association and after that turn the power on once more.

CPU Protector: The inner temperature of the HAP-Z1ES is too high. Kill the power and evacuate any articles covering the unit. Hold up until the point when the framework chills off and after that turn the power on once more.

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