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What is Aspect Ratio?

The aspect ratio of an image is its displayed width divided by its height (usually expressed as "x:y" or "x×y). The older format for analog TV was 4:3, while the standard format for HDTV (both HD signals and HDTV’s) is 16:9 or 1.78:1 (approximately 1.78" wide for every 1" high), and while film directors can choose from any of the available film ratios. The most common formats for movies are 2.35:1, 2.40:1, and 1.85:1, which is very close to the 1.78:1 of HDTV.

The most common aspect-ratio for LED, Plasma, and DLP HDTV’s are 16:9 or 1.78:1so it's important to ensure that your video sources (DVD player/recorders, game consoles, satellite and cable boxes, DVR, Video iPods, and so forth) are set to the aspect ratio that matches your TV. Squished and distorted aspect ratio will make an otherwise superb video look awkward, distorted and unflattering. As long as your TV or video source has the proper aspect-ratio control settings, aspect-ratio problems are completely avoidable. There are two common TV screen shapes that most folks will recognize — the squarish shape of conventional TVs, and the widescreen shape of today's HDTV’s. Both of these formats work perfectly well when they match the TV screen's native aspect ratio--standard programming on a 4:3 screen (any 1950’s to 1990’s TV Shows, for instance) and any newer, wide-screen material on a 16:9 set (HDTV programming or most DVDs). 

Aspect Ratio in Plain English (not really)

The aspect ratio refers to the number of horizontal pixels to vertical pixels in a display. Aspect Ratio should be considered as an important item when we are talking about video since most film making are directing toward wider aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is the difference between the length and the width of a rectangular object. While 16:9 is a fairly wide aspect ratio, it is not wide enough to contain an entire frame from a typical Hollywood movie. Picture aspect ratio defines the shape of the displayed video image. When you purchase a Home Theater System or any type of LED LCD Plasma DLP HDTV from MODIA we are here to help ensure that you have the proper Aspect Ratio settings for all your Home Theater Systems. You can Call, E-mail, or Chat and one of our Home Theater Experts and they will gladly assist you.



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