If you're like us, your head starts swimming every time you walk into one of those other stores and see 50 different HDTVs all in row! And what's with the giant wall of receivers, DVD players, and other electronics? Who wants to wade through the dozens of options with little or no guidance when deciding on such an important investment?

For more than 20 years, MODIA has been building showrooms that do more than just show you all the options available. They also allow you to experience complete home theater, audio, and video systems in a home-like setting. We have several complete systems installed in each showroom that allow you to experience what a system might look and feel like in your own home. Each system is designed carefully for every budget and is ready to be customized for your needs with the guidance of our professional designers.

Come to us in one of our beautiful showrooms or we can come to you, in your home. Check out our Store Locator or call 800.877.2900.