Video Calibration

The people that created the movies and shows that you watch were using a TV that was set to certain standards. The movie and TV industry has set these standards to deliver the most natural and realistic image. If your TV does not match those standards then you are not seeing the image the way the creator intended. Most TV manufacturers do not set their TVs to these standards. They set them up to catch your attention in the showroom. This means that your TV will be too bright, will have over-saturated colors and will look “hyper-realistic” as opposed to natural. An ISF calibration seeks to match the standards of movie and TV show creators. This allows you to view their content the way they intended you to see it. Another benefit of calibration is that it reduces eye-strain. When the picture looks more natural, it is easier to watch for long periods of time.

At MODIA, we employ ISF certified calibrators who can adjust your TV or projector to these exact industry standards and make your entertainment experience more believable!