Projector and Screen

Home Theater comes in many different forms. From a simple widescreen TV in the family room to a dedicated cinema-style media room. But nothing quite brings home the grandeur of the cinema like a large screen projection system. Watching Batman or Scarlet O’Hara walk across the screen in large-as-life scale is the essence of the cinematic experience. And no longer is it reserved for the commercial theater. At MODIA, we have been bringing the movie theater home for many years. And believe us when we say that there is nothing a commercial movie theater can do that we cannot recreate in your home.

But understand it is not just about installing a projector and putting up just any screen. Everything needs to be calculated, from the viewing distance, the size and shape of the screen, the brightness of the projector and its location, screen material, etc. All these elements and more affect our ability to believe what we are seeing. At MODIA, we know all the formulas to design and install the right large screen projection system for you.

How to setup your projector

Credit: What Hi-Fi?