Structured Wiring

What an exciting time! The connected home is no longer a speck on the horizon. It is a reality of modern life. Merely 20 years ago an industry, in its infancy, dreamt of a personal computer in every home with information and content available at the touch of a button. And those dreams have come true! Now the question is, “Is your home prepared for the possibilities?” Automated HVAC and lighting systems, distributed video and audio, telephone and data networks all require a backbone, a structure. As advanced as the connected or smart home has become, you need a place on the wall to plug in those smart devices so they can talk to each other and pass along information.

Structured wiring is, quite simply, an organized system of wiring that runs from every location in your home to a central distribution point where devices like routers, amplifiers, matrices, and processors can direct the flow of electronic signals. Whether you realize it or not every home has some form of structured wiring. That’s how you get your cable TV and phones to work. However, the extent of the structured wiring in your home can limit your options or it can open up a world of possibilities that you may have never considered before.

Building a new home? Make sure it is prepared for the possibilities of today and tomorrow. At MODIA we can help your home realize its true potential.

  $ 1.00 $ 1.60 2.15
Pre-wire for Satellite Attic Location (4 Coax lines) x x x
Provision property for Cable TV service x x x
Provision property for Internet service x x x
Basic Speaker runs for Volume Controls with CAT5e 4 8 20
Additional CAT5e cable at Volume control location   x x
Dual CAT5e runs for Advanced Touch Panels     x
single coax runs to all TVs x x x
Dual cat 5 runs to all TVs x x x
One additional CAT5e run to all TVs   x  
Two CAT5e runs to all TVs     x
CCTV Surveillance pre-wire 2 4 8
Swimming Pool and SPA Control for automation     x
5.1 media room pre-wire x    
7.1 media room pre-wire   x x
Provision TV location(s) with Flex Conduit for future wiring   2 4