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What is Bipole Speaker?

Bipole surround speakers have two or more speakers that output sound from both sides of the cabinet. If used as side surround speakers, the sound is output both towards the front and rear of the room. If used as rear surround speakers, they output sound in both directions along the rear wall. The dual speakers used in a bipole speaker are ‘in phase’, meaning that both speakers output sound simultaneously. Bipole speakers contain multiple drivers, but unlike their direct-radiating cousins, drivers are mounted in the cabinet at different angles. Bipole speakers create a diffuse surround effect so the location of the speaker cannot be pinpointed. In general, Bipole speakers are a good choice for movies and music and are usually placed on the side walls. They are clear, open and musical.

Surround Sound Speaker System VS. Bipole speakers

A surround sound audio speaker system means 5, 6 or 7 speakers together with a subwoofer. Bipole surround speakers utilize two "sets" (instead of just two) of drivers (tweeter, Bass Mid-Range) and bass-reflex systems to cover the entire audio spectrum and to extend bass response. Bipole surround speakers have two or more speakers that output sound from both sides of the cabinet. Bipole Speakers do an amazing job keeping the surround sound focused without taking out any sound quality. Bipole Surround Sound Speakers are great for small areas, meaning you do not need allot of speakers to create the same Home Theater sound. Bipole Speakers immerse your home in supreme sound like you are sitting in a movie theater.

You can choose many different types of Home Theater Speakers but if you want simplicity go with Bipole Speakers. Our mission here at MODIA is to help you wade through your choices, point you to the best Bipole Speaker System for you. Before you decide to purchase any type of Surround Sound Speaker System consult our Trained Staff. Call, E-mail, or Chat and one of our Home Theater Experts will assist you in selecting the best Speakers for your Home Theater.



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