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What is a DLP television?

DLP™ technology is based on an optical semiconductor called a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) chip. The DMD enables light to be modulated digitally via millions of microscopic mirrors. These mirrors are literally capable of switching on and off thousands of times per second and are used to direct light towards or away from a dedicated pixel space. In this technology high intensity lamps are used to generate a white light beam which will pass through a color wheel which allows for display of very vibrant and accurate colors. Although not as slim as flat-panel TVs DLP TVs are able to be produced in larger sizes (up to 82”) which makes them a viable option for viewing in a Media Room or any other room where large TVs are desired. A recent advancement in DLP technology replaces the lamp and color wheel with red, green, and blue lasers, which will create images with twice the color gamut of conventional TVs in a depth which allows for wall mounting.

Benefits of DLP TV’s

DLP 1080p technology delivers over 2 million pixels on-screen with full 1920 x 1080 resolution, the highest available. DLP technology is redefining the movie-going experience with an incredible all-digital picture. DLP technology generally provides extremely high native contrast (for great black level performance in home theater projectors). Video and graphics produced by DLP technology are sharper because the DLP chip minimizes the gaps between pixels in an image. DLP TVs generate images so true, that it is like you're there. DLP technology is virtually immune to color decay or yellowing of the image after extended periods of usage. DLP provides the best size to dollar ratio.

There are several benefits to adding a DLP TV to your Home Theater System, but before you decide to purchase consult our Trained Staff. Call, E-mail, or Chat and one of our Home Theater Experts will assist you in selecting the best DLP TV for your Home Theater. 

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