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What is DTS-ES?

DTS-ES Discrete 6 is short for Digital Theater Sound - Extended Surround. The DTS-ES is the first commercially-available solutions for creating high-quality 96kHz and 6. Digital Theater Sound - Extended Surround is a 6.1 matrixed system enabling cinemas to deliver extreme spatial effects that literally surround the audience. A DTS-ES decoder creates a back surround channel from encoded surround tracks, in typical theatre applications feeding a back surround (BS) speaker array. The system is compatible with all current extended surround formats and an auxiliary surround channels. Decoders for DTS-ES are found on most modern A/V receivers and processors. DTS-ES Matrix Used in Blu-ray and DVD, this is a 6. DTS-ES Discrete Used in Blu-ray and DVD, this is a 7. DTS-ES and Dolby Digital EX are encoded on the discs, but you can make any DD or DTS 5. DTS-ES, DTS-ES refers to two 6. Discs encoded with DTS-ES Matrix and DD-EX often has a flag in the metadata telling the receiver to engage the decoder.

DTS-ES Matrix and DD-EX are 5. DTS-ES Discrete is a genuine 6 is the only digital audio format in our industry that is capable of delivering 6, with ultra-clean amplification for up to seven home theater speakers. DTS-ES competes with the Dolby Digital EX (the home theater 6). In the consumer home theater market, DTS offers several options for multi-channel playback, usually encoded at a higher bit rate than allowed for by Dolby Digital AC-3 , including DTS-ES , DTS-NEO:6 , DTS-HD, and DTS-HD Master Audio.

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