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What is DTS Neo:6?

DTS Neo:6 formats is a competitor to the Dolby Pro Logic six channel matrixed format. DTS Neo:6 is a surround sound format that functions in a similar fashion to Dolby Prologic II and IIx, in that, with receivers and preamps that have DTS Neo:6 decoders, it will extract a 6. DTS Neo 6 has a lower compression ration than DLPIIx. DTS Neo:6 has a cleaner more robust and powerful presentation between the two. DTS Neo:6 takes 2-channel (stereo) audio and completely transforms it into up to six full-bandwidth matrix channels of surround sound. Your 6.1- or 5.1-channel system will produce six and five separate channels, respectively, to match your speaker layout. DTS Neo:6 can also generate a center surround channel from 5.1 material. The DTS Neo:6 capability is featured in all DTS-ES-equipped receivers. DTS Neo:6 operates on two-channel signals with or without surround encoding, and can therefore be helpful with CDs, LPs, and other stereo sources. DTS Neo:6 matrix surround technology, which transforms any stereo content (MP3, WMA, CD Audio, or games DTS Neo:6 is essentially identical to Pro Logic II — it's simply the processing DTS came up with to deliver 5.

The terms "Matrix" & "Matrixed" means that the data or sound of that channel is encoded on one or more of the discrete channels, then decoded from those discrete channels and the sound is sent to its own speaker. DTS Neo 6 is a 5-channel matrix decoder not a 6-channel.

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