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What is LCoS?

Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS or LCoS) is a "micro-projection" or "micro-display" technology typically applied in some front projector and rear projection televisions. It is a reflective technology similar to DLP, although, it uses liquid crystals instead of individual mirrors. By way of comparison, LCD projectors use transmissive LCD chips, allowing light to pass through the liquid crystal. In LCoS, liquid crystals are applied directly to the surface of a silicon chip coated with an aluminized layer, with some type of passive layer, which is highly reflective.

LCOS or liquid crystal on silicon is one of the four technologies used in rear projection televisions. LCoS ("Liquid Crystal on Silicon") projectors are a more recent variation of LCD technology, as LCoS also uses three panels of red, blue and green. LCOS panels can be used with any kind of short-arc projection lamps.

LCoS projectors are about the same size as LCD models because they are both "3-chip" technologies. On the other hand, experts say that LCoS systems produce better and more natural-looking image displays than their LCD or DLP counterparts. Another advantage of LCoS is that most TVs use a three chip design; one chip is dedicated to each color, red, green and blue. LCoS has a primary advantage over LCD, due to the fact that the pixel driving circuitry is located on the edge of the chip, not within the pixel structure, a much higher fill factor can be obtained. The LCoS fill factor can be as much as 90% or greater, greatly increasing device efficienc LCOS or Liquid Crystal on Silicon has been touted to be the better than Texas Instrument's DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). LCoS technology has the potential to enable the manufacture of big-screen (50" and larger) high-definition televisions with very high picture quality at relatively low cost. LCoS (Light Crystal over Silicon) is a micro display technology that is used in display systems. 

Brands of LCoS TV’s we carry are Sharp, LG, Sony, & Samsung TVs. Sizes from 35 inch, 40 inch up to 70 inch plus

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