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Classe CP800

Stereo Preamplifier / Processor

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The Classe CP-800 Stereo Preamplifier/Processor is said to be the first of a new generation of stereo preamplifiers designed to take full advantage of today's high resolution digital sources. The CP-800 offers new digital processing features including optimal asynchronous USB and full support of Apple's iPod, iPhone and iPad range of products.

What's included in the box

  • 20Hz - 20kHz ± 0.1dB frequency response
  • 0.0012% distortion (THD + noise)
  • 5Vrms single-ended input (max level)
  • 10Vrms single-ended output (max level)
  • 3pr RCA (incl. 1 pr w/phono option) / 100kΩ single-ended tape inputs


Frequency response : 8 Hz - 200 kHz < 1 dB, 
stereo analog bypass
8 Hz - 20kHz < 0.5 dB,
all other sources

Channel Matching : better than 0.05 dB
(Left to Right)

Distortion (THD+noise) : 0.0005%, digital source/bypassed analog source .002%, processed analog source

Maximum input level : 2 Vrms (DSP), 4.5Vrms (bypass)

Maximum input level : 4 Vrms (DSP), 9 Vrms (bypass)

Maximum output level : 9 Vrms

Maximum output level : 18 Vrms

Gain Range : -93 dB to +14 dB

Input impedance : 50 kΩ (balanced)
100 kΩ (single-ended)

Output impedance : 300 Ω (balanced)
(main output) 100 Ω (single-ended)

Signal-to-noise ratio : 104 dB, bypassed analog source
(ref. 4Vrms input, unweighted) 101 dB, processed analog source
105 dB, digital source (ref. full-scale input, unweighted)

Channel separation : better than 100 dB

Crosstalk : better than -130 dB @ 1 kHz
(any input to any output)

Standby power consumption : <1 W

Rated power consumption : 31W

Mains voltage : 90-264 V, 50/60 Hz

Overall dimensions : Width: 17.5" (445mm) 
Depth: 17.5" (445mm)
(excluding connectors)
Height: 4.78" (121mm)

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